Sing, recite or speak @ 'Shabd 1.0' an open mic session happening in Kanpur tomorrow

Looking for a stage to showcase your talent?

Talented people are not hard to come by, talented people with a stage to showcase their talent are. Most of the time when we have a story to tell or a poem to recite, we lack a stage or a keen audience to give an attentive listen.

If you live in Kanpur, this isn't be a problem anymore. 2 AM Reader is bringing a huge open mic session for all the story tellers, singers and poets out there. 'Shabd 1.0' in Kanpur is where the talent in you will get a stage and you have to be a part of the epic event.

Sabdon ka silsila

Anyone with even the slightest bit of creativity can attest to the fact that an outlet or a stage where you can showcase your talent is one of the biggest thing an artist requires. Most times, artists don't get to speak their piece, oblivion is one of the biggest fear and that is exactly what this open mic session is taking away.

Shabd 1.0 the first ever open mic session organised by 2 AM Reader is giving all the budding writers, poets and vocalists a stage to showcase their talents and find their voices.

Happening on 25th of January in Kanpur, this open mic event is exactly what you need. Though you don't have to be a writer/poet/singer to enjoy the event, you can simply enjoy the show, hear stories, listen to poems and for once do something different than the usual.

The best part is, that the event is so reasonable you wouldn't have to feel that you're giving an arm or a leg to be a part of something interesting.

Knock Knock

It is difficult to find a stage, especially in a city like Kanpur. But with this open mic session you get to showcase your talent in all its glory and get an eager audience to clap your spirits up. So head to the show, be a part of the spectacle or be a spectacle, just let the words flow and find your voice amidst the chaos.

What: Open mic session

Date: January 25 | 1PM-4PM

Venue: 99 Pancake,112/346, Sri Nikunj, Swaroop Nagar Kanpur

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