Tagged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khajuraho's tales tell us more than what meets the eye

Tagged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Khajuraho's tales tell us more than what meets the eye

Khajuraho is a hub of temples, museums and legends that will make you want to explore more and more!

Asking the generation that giggled at 10th class biology to act mature over sensual sculptures is a bit of a stretch, we agree. But when in Khajuraho, you will reach a point where it will strike you that its temples have so much more to offer, than its erotic carvings.

Lying at a distance of about 222 km from Kanpur, Khajuraho is a hub of temples, museums and legends that will make you want to explore more and more! Certified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this titillating town will make your trip worthwhile, especially if you are a history or architectural enthusiast.

The world-famous Khajuraho temples!

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A haven for artists, the Khajuraho temples originally had 85 temples till the 12th century but as time tested this exquisite art, only 22 remained and are still standing strong! These temples are divided into three complexes, among which, the Western Group of temples is known to contain some of the world's finest art. In fact, only 10% of the sculptures here are sensual while the rest show different activities of everyday life.

The inscribed art pieces are meant to show the various aspects of human life, things we go through and what we hold in high regards. Often, people of foreign lands glance through these temples and their carvings, to learn more about our country's culture and its legacy.

Legends behind this beauteous hamlet

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The popular legends around, say that there once was a beautiful woman known as Hemvati, who was the inspiration behind the construction of the magnificent temples found here. It is said that Hemvati was once bathing in a pool in Benaras, when the Moon God saw her and fell in love with her beauty. As per legends, Hemvati then conceived a child called Chandravarman but she was worried that her son would be harassed for being born out of wedlock!

Subsequently, Hemvati cursed the Moon God, who then prophesied that Chandravarman will be a great king, which later came to be true. Chandravarman went on to establish the Chandela dynasty and erected these temples, after he saw his mother in a dream, asking him to build temples that portray the beauty of human passions.

Knock Knock

When here, the breathtaking sound and light show near the Western Group of temples cannot be missed, if you want your trip to be memorable like no other! Further, you should also include Panna Wildlife Sanctuary, State Museum of Tribal and Folk, Raneh Falls Canyon and the Pandav Waterfalls, amid other places, in your Khajuraho travel itinerary.

The best time to chalk out a trip to Khajuraho is during the months of July to March, as the monsoon makes for the most alluring, lush green scenery while the winter season offers pleasant weather for you to stroll through this fascinating site! But no matter when you're travelling, since the pandemic is still in effect, do wear your masks, carry sanitisers and maintain ample distance from fellow travellers.

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