Stricter enforcement of Public Gambling Act in UP to break the chain of related cartels!

Public gambling has been further bracketed under non-bailable offences.

The ban on public gambling in Uttar Pradesh will soon be accompanied by a stricter law. Reportedly, the State Law Commission has submitted the draft for a new code that interdicts public gambling, including online stakes and other forms of betting. Public gambling has been further bracketed under non-bailable offences and lawbreakers will have to endure a maximum punishment of three years in prison.

Salient recommendations put forward to break the chain of gambling cartels

This bill has been curated, holding in view the rapidly evolving forms of online gambling, that need to be kicked at the curb. The practice of gambling often induces crimes and fraudulent activities and it may also bankrupt the participants, amid other major repercussions. Inked under the chairmanship of the State Law Commission, headed by Justice A.N. Mittal, the draft report, titled 'Uttar Pradesh Public Gaming (Prevention) Bill' was submitted to UP's Chief Minister, earlier this week.

Although at present, the Public Gambling Act issues a year of imprisonment and a ₹1,000 penalty to the wrongdoer, these punitive measures are not enough to check online gambling, officials stated. Moreover, salient recommendations have been put forward, to break the chain of cartels that operate gambling houses and bookies in the state.

The Commission has recommended increasing the punishment to one more year and imposing a fine ₹5,000. Along with it, the body has also suggested to categorise online gambling, house gambling operations and betting as non-bailable offences. The new law is slated to bolster the police with more power.

Justice A.N. Mittal, mentioned that a distinction has also been made between a game of skill and chance. Consequently, card games played under the segment of 'Game of Skill' will not be punishable. He also stated that if a family plays cards in their house as an innocuous tradition or for entertainment purposes and no outsider is present, then it will not be felonious.

​IRCTC's Bharat Darshan tour starting Aug 29 to pass through Jaipur & other prominent cities!

Labeled "Splendors of India", the scheme entails a train journey along a route running through Hyderabad, Punjab, Jaipur & Gujarat.

In a bid to boost tourism across the nation, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd (IRCTC) is initiating a Bharat Darshan special tourist train service. Labeled "Splendors of India", the scheme entails a train journey along a route running through Hyderabad, Punjab, Jaipur and Gujarat. As per reports, this interesting service being offered by the national authority will be functional from 29 August to 9 September.

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Lucknow Cantonment Area road to be widened with translocation of around 250 trees!

As per the available information, 180 out of these 250 trees are aged between 70 to 80 years.

In an attempt to allow easier traffic movement, the 3.7 km long Lucknow-Varanasi road between MB Club to Lalkurti in Lucknow's Cantonment area will be widened through the translocation of nearly 250 trees. As per the available information, 180 out of these 250 trees are aged between 70 to 80 years. Thereby, the officials have to take great care while executing the process and an approximate amount of ₹2 crores will be spent on the project.

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Get early morning doorstep delivery of milk, vegetables & much more with Gyan Fresh App!

Catering to your regular dairy and breakfast needs, Gyan Fresh is now delivering in Lucknow & Kanpur

Amid the troubled times of the pandemic, CP Milks through its brand Gyan Dairy came to the rescue of the city folks with the launch of its mobile-based application- Gyan Fresh. Driven by the love and patronage of consumers, this move was aimed at providing early morning milk and breakfast deliveries. And now, it has revolutionised the business with over 65 lakh successful deliveries!

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Lucknow, Kanpur & other UP districts to now ensure 24x7 availability of ambulance services

Directives have also been issued to improve the response time of ambulances in UP

In a bid to improve the medical infrastructure in Uttar Pradesh, all districts here will now have to ensure a 24x7 availability of the ambulance services. The directive has been issued to ensure an improved medical ferry system in the state ahead of the expectant rise of the 'third wave' of coronavirus. As per reports, relative orders to hasten the response time of these services have also be rolled out accordingly.

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Indore civic body to initiate serosurvey for detecting antibodies amongst kids below 18

As per reports, more than 1800 children from 25 different municipal regions of the city would participate in for the survey.

In an attempt to assess the state of the pandemic in Indore, the officials have planned to initiate a serosurvey amongst children below the age of 18. This process will help in detecting the presence of antibodies among minors and thereby, the officials will be able to gauge the level of immunity against the possible third wave of accelerated infections. As per reports, more than 1800 children from 25 different municipal regions of the city would be roped in for the survey.

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BMC begins door-to-door vaccination trial for bed-ridden people in Mumbai

The first phase of the doorstep vaccination has been rolled out in Mumbai's K-east ward.

The Brihannumbai Municipal Corporation on Friday launched the trial for door-step vaccination to strengthen its immunity drive for the bed-ridden people in Mumbai. As per reports, the first phase of the door-to-door scheme will be tested in the western suburb of Andheri (East), Marol, Chakala and other areas of the K-east ward. The information about these bed-ridden citizens will be aggregated at the, the civic body stated. So far details of around 4,466 such people have been received.

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