Sweeten your Holi celebrations with Gujiyas from THESE 5 eateries in Kanpur

Sweeten your Holi celebrations with Gujiyas from THESE 5 eateries in Kanpur

Holi is incomplete without one of India's most loved festive sweets, Gujiya. With a mixture of sweetened mawa and dry fruits on the inside, the crunchy Gujiya is loved by all! If you're in Kanpur and wanna devour the rich and tasty sweet treats, THESE eateries will have you covered:

Thaggu ke Laddoo

Known for its iconic Badnaam Kulfi, Thaggu ke Laddoo in Kanpur is one of the most renowned sweet shops in the city. And around Holi, this place sees people lining up to take home boxes of authentic Gujiyas.

Where: Shop H-1/381, Model Tower, Avon Market, Near Devki Cinema, Kakadeo, Kanpur

Ram Mishthan Bhandar 

Like many others in the city, this sweet shop in Kanpur offers exclusive sweets around every festival. So, you can head to Ram Mishthan Bhandar as we inch ever closer to Holi and take home your box of this toothsome festive delight.

Where: Shop No. 107/176, Sisamau Bazaar Road,, Jawahar Nagar, Kanpur

Banarasi Mishthan Bhandar

One of the oldest sweet shops in Kanpur, Banarasi Mishthan Bhandar has been serving a wide range of sweets to the city folks for decades now. Over the years, they have been serving some of the finest Gujiyas on Holi in their famous red boxes.

Where: 117/N/68 Next to Pamela Restaurant, near Deoki Cinema Hall, Kakadeo, Kanpur

Mithas Sweets

This place offers both snacks and sweets all year round but when, Holi arrives, this sweet shop in Kanpur is filled with the tempting aroma of Gujiyas, luring in thousands of city folks that just can't celebrate Holi without wolfing in a bunch of Gujiyas.

Where: 7/108, Khalasi Line, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur

Budhsen Sweet House

Gujiyas at Kanpur's Budhsen sweet house are prepared using a unique traditional method, giving them a rich taste that Kanpuriyas recognize at the very first bite. After all, this one is also among the oldest sweet shops in Kanpur.

Where: 26/45, Birhana Rd, Naughara, General Ganj, Kanpur

Knock Knock

Head out now to any of these sweet shops in Kanpur that offer authentic Gujiyas to make your Holi happier!

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