The age-old Green Park Stadium, Kanpur is a batting heaven for cricketers

The age-old Green Park Stadium, Kanpur is a batting heaven for cricketers

The historic stadium is all set to have a visitors gallery, pavilion and cricket museum within its premises.

Green Park Stadium, an international standard cricket stadium in Kanpur, India, also happens to be the home ground of the Uttar Pradesh Cricket Team. This stadium has hosted many international Test and ODI matches and India even won their 500th test match against New Zealand, by 197-runs here, in Kanpur. The stadium has been a pillar for cricketers and cricket fans in the city, so here's a look at the significance of Green Park stadium, which is a hallmark of cricket in Kanpur.

1945 - Green Park Stadium, Kanpur

Green Park Stadium is one of the oldest cricket grounds in India. It was built in 1945, just shy of the Britishers' departure from Indian shores. This stadium initially hosted local football matches but later on, switched its loyalty just to cricket. Incidentally, it draws its nomenclature from a lady named Green, who would practice riding horses here during the British era.

In spite of the fact that the stadium was created as early as 1945, not many matches were played here, due to the poor playing conditions. The first test match was in 1952 between India and England, while the last one was in 2021, when India took on New Zealand.

Famous matches played at the stadium 

This famous playground was completely renovated just a year before 1986, for its first One Day International game between India and Sri Lanka. Ever since 1957, India has lost only twice at the Green Park Stadium, both times to the West Indies.

So far, the stadium has hosted approximately four Vivo IPLs, fourteen ODIs, twenty-two test matches and one T20. Even though its not an ideal ground for bowlers, this place is a batting heaven for cricketers and here is exactly where Shahid Afridi smoked a 45 ball century.

Hindustan Times

In the above image you can see Indian captain MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina appealing to umpire against South Africa's Faf du Plessis during the One Day International match between India vs South Africa at Green Park Stadium, on October 11, 2015 in Kanpur, India.

Convenient distance from airport and railway station

If you're from outside the city, and here to watch a match, the Green Park Stadium is only 5 kilometers away from Kanpur Centre Station and Kanpur Interstate Bus Station. Additionally, it’s only 12 kilometers from the Kanpur Airport, where you can easily travel by cab.

Knock Knock

The major part of the stadium is uncovered and has a total seating capacity of approximately 32,000. People flock here to witness the glorious matches played by cricketers for the pride of their nation.

The age-old Green Park Stadium, Kanpur is a batting heaven for cricketers
Kanpur's Green Park to house a new museum!

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