This is your cue to revisit Banarasi Tea Stall, Kanpur's best-kept secret!

This is your cue to revisit Banarasi Tea Stall, Kanpur's best-kept secret!

Presenting the quintessential Kanpur ki Chai!

After water, tea takes the lead as the most consumed drink globally. The universal love for this beverage transcends borders, and it intensifies, especially during winters!

In Kanpur, the heart of Uttar Pradesh, one chai spot stands out—Banarasi Tea Stall in Swaroop Nagar. With decades of history, it has become the epitome of 'Kanpur ki Chai,' winning the hearts of locals with its unique and invigorating blends. Let's uncover the secrets behind the charm of this beloved tea spot.

The go-to tea lovers ka adda in Kanpur

So, why does Kanpur love the chai at this particular tea stall? Well, the credit goes to their unique style of making tea, which gives the tea its distinct flavour! First, the milk is boiled along with a bit of elaichi, after which the tea boiled in water is poured. This process gives the tea a unique colour, aroma, and taste.

The purity of ingredients also enhances the flavour and as the perfect last touch, malaai is added separately to each cup. To go along with your hot cuppa, the place also offers delish snacks, including their special fresh buns with salted butter, bun makkhan.

And guess what? This tea spot in Kanpur also holds that low-key 'chai ki tapri' vibe. Buzzing with patrons all day, Banarasi Tea Stall has become the go-to community space for people residing in the city. The credit for that, of course, goes to the owners and the workers here, who are as welcoming as the aroma of the tea they offer.

Knock Knock

So, if you're visiting Kanpur or have shifted recently to the city, bookmark the Banarasi Tea stall to get a feel of Kanpur ki Chai. And if you're a localite who has had this amazing tea several times already, well, winters are here and this, is your cue to visit again and re-ignite your love affair with their special tea!

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