This Turkish ice-cream parlour in Kanpur, is where 'Sultans' make your desserts twist!

This Turkish ice-cream parlour in Kanpur, is where 'Sultans' make your desserts twist!

Here, your ice-cream comes with a live performance.

When in Kanpur, no matter what you crave, there's always enough options for you to choose from. So if you're in the mood for some ice-cream, maybe after dinner or just during an evening stroll, then you can ditch the regular parlours and head to Twisting Scoops, seated at Kanpur's Lajpat Nagar. This is the first Turkish ice-cream brand in India, with a presence in 4 countries with over 30 stores, in more than 20 cities. Made from 100% natural ingredients sans chemicals, Twisting Scoop is putting a twist on regular ice-creams and it's nothing like whatever or however you've been served before!

Dessert with a twisting live performance

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Twisting Scoop's 'dondurma', which is the traditional Turkish name for ice-cream, presents ice-cream lovers with a taste of the country's culture and distinct flavours along with a velvety texture, which is resistant to melting. That's not it. Here, your ice-cream comes with a live performance, with the 'Sultans' (as the servers here are lovingly called) dropping a few moves before you can get your hands on your cone.

When here, try out the Peach n Berry, Chocolava, Banana Cota and definitely, the Cookie & Cream variant of this stretchy ice-cream. We also recommend the Oh Whiskey and Refresh Coal options, if you're into exploring with your flavours.

Knock Knock

So if you have a date pending with bae, upcoming treat for friends or need to bribe your siblings for anything at all, then check out Twisting Scoops! This ice-cream parlour is absolutely perfect for a short hangout plan with friends while on a post-dinner drive or maybe for an evening of goss sessions with your besties; thus, no matter when you come, the entertainment here will pack a punch.

Contact: +918882257909

Location: 120/843, Narayan Purwa, Lajpat Nagar, Kanpur

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