UP News | Here’s all you need to know about Kanpur's first Kishori Clinic

UP News | Here’s all you need to know about Kanpur's first Kishori Clinic

Working towards better mental.

Keeping in the mind the health of adolescent girls in Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur's first Kishori Clinic has been opened at the Gynaecology Department of GSVM Medical College. At this clinic, physical and mental health problems of adolescent girls will be looked into and addressed with profound solutions.

The clinic is being set under under Kishori Shakti Yojana (KSY) which seeks to empower adolescent girls, so as to enable them to take charge of their lives.

Spread awareness around anaemia 

Haemoglobin deficiency is one of the major problems that this clinic at GSVM Medical College is going to address. Adolescent girls and pregnant women in general suffer through many health problems and as per stats, 90% of them are result of iron deficiency leading to anaemia. Before starting this clinic, 1228 adolescent girls were tested and examined by the department through camps in 6 schools. Hence, the purpose of this health care centre will be to spread awareness along with the diagnosis and provide solution for problems faced by anaemia patients.

Apart from this, through regular counselling, stressing on mental stress and depression, experts at this clinic plan to restore the health of adolescent girls.

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