UP's first national-level boat club to open at the Ganga Barrage in Kanpur

UP's first national-level boat club to open at the Ganga Barrage in Kanpur

Water sport trials at Kanpur Boat Club will be held on June 25

The Boat Club at Ganga Barrage will soon be developed as the state's first nation-grade boat club. The club will be positioned as the launching pad for water sports including, kayaking, canoeing and rowing. As per the reports, the trials will begin on June 25. Once the demo runs and operations are complete, the Kanpur Boat club will tower as the hub of adventure sports in the region.

Floating demonstrations to grace the trials

After a long wait, water sports trials at Kanpur Boat Club have finally been scheduled, cutting a stream for bolstered visitor influx. The Divisional Commissioner Dr. Rajasekhar held a meeting on Tuesday to issue necessary directives to the officers related to the Boat Club to oversee hiccup-free trials.

Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Satish Mahana, on the other hand, has reportedly permitted the floating demonstrations of raft boats, dragon boats and motor boats on Saturday. Following this, Kayaking, Canoeing and rowing competitions will also be conducted.

Notably, the Ganga Barrage Boat Club in Kanpur has been designated to be Uttar Pradesh’s first national-grade boat club, fit for hosting both national and international water festivals. To honour the same, the trial event will witness the participation of The Cooperation of Indian Kayaking & Canoeing Association along with other national bodies and experts.

Boat club lit with night lamps

The programme is expected to start at 4:00 PM on Saturday and all the city folks are invited to join the trail. As the event progresses, people can seat themselves at the huts and cottages available on rent here or can take a walk along the 500-metre-long pathway built. Additionally, the authorities have also equipped night lamps at the boat club, ensuring the vibrancy and the beauty of the place.

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