Vision Kanpur | Where do you see your city 25 years down the line? Have suggestions? Send em!

Vision Kanpur | Where do you see your city 25 years down the line? Have suggestions? Send em!

Suggestions, on helping the city achieve its best shape by 2047, have been invited from the public.

In a bid to make the future a better place and take leaps and bounds in various fields, Vision Kanpur is destined to help. The question remains, what should the vision of Kanpur be after 100 years of hard-earned Independence?

Keeping this in mind, a campaign by the name 'Vision Kanpur' has been embarked upon, with a website VisionKanpur2047 built in order to find solutions. This website, by the by, people, will be open for you to send in any ideas, suggestions, or feedback that you have regarding the vision. Open from November 1-30, you've almost a month to frame the Kanpur you envisage 25 years down the line!


The website, stating plans to make the city cleaner and greener, infrastructure and facilities superior, is divided into parts going deep into the history of Kanpur. From the historical Cawnpore in 1947 to the modern day Kanpur in 2022, the history covers the cultural city's rich past. If you're an avid reader, feel free to peruse through the scores of material on your city!

The sectors with imagined scope of improvement include education, housing and urban planning, public transport, industries, skills, environmental issues, health, and tourism.

Objectives in mind

The expectations are high, yet achievable, enveloping aims like making Kanpur the most preferred social, economic and cultural hub and reaching the best possible standard of living. Then there's also developing a sustainable approach in all fields, ensuring development throughout, conserving nature, protecting and improving the condition of the mighty Ganga, and ensuring employment generation by promoting skill development and entrepreneurship.

Additionally, a better Kanpur with greater science and technological advancements, societal growth, and an ideal support system for students, has also been visualised.

Get your voices heard

Kanpurites, all you have to do, to get heard, is go to the website — — and ruminate on the the following, "Kanpur has come a long way in the 75 years since independence. The coming 25 years are more promising for the development of the city. As a valued and responsible citizen of Kanpur what development do you want to see in Kanpur in the year 2047?"

Answer away!

Vision Kanpur | Where do you see your city 25 years down the line? Have suggestions? Send em!
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