With kachori, jalebi & more, these 5 places in Kanpur define a good ol’ desi ‘nashta’

With kachori, jalebi & more, these 5 places in Kanpur define a good ol’ desi ‘nashta’

Breakfast foods are often associated with European imagery, we think of muffins and cheese omelets, sandwiches and toast when we think of breakfast. Yet, for most Indian folks breakfast means a kadak cup of chai, a golden kachori, soft steamed idlis and chole so spicy they make you break sweat!

When it comes to breakfast people of Kanpur are no different, be it southern delicacies such as dosa and uttapam or northern staples like aloo poodi and kachodi, we love it all. We sure wake up with a different mood each day, but nothing tops the wholesome taste of desi treats.

Which is why we have curated a list of the top 5 desi breakfast places in Kanpur where just looking at dishes will make you salivate.

1. Samocha- Stories around chai

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Samocha is “the place to be” when all you crave for is a well made cup of tea. They have a plethora of tea flavours and options to pick from and unlike your roadside stalls, they have pleasant interiors where you can relax. We would recommend having the samosas, the bun maska and the samocha chat. This place is perfect for your early morning date with bae.

Opening Time: 9:30 AM

Location: 112/245 - B, Khairabad Road, Swaroop Nagar

2. Mithas

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Known all over the city as a sweet shop which has created a niche, Mithas serves some of the best breakfast food items you’ll find in Kanpur. With a long list of options to choose from, at Mithas you will always have a great breakfast. We would absolutely recommend trying the jalebis, dosa, kachori, khasta and the lassi here. If you feel even the tiniest bit adventurous get the chole bhature for breakfast, they’ll keep you charged throughout the day!

Opening Time: 8 AM

Location: 7/1081, Near Khanna Motor, Swaroop Nagar

3. Bhikharam Sweet House

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Another gem of a place Bhikharam swet house is a must visit place if you’re looking for mouthwatering grub. We’d highly recommend the place for their light as air, golden, fluffy and perfectly made bhature as well as chole that are spicy, robust and full of flavours. They aslo serve delicious poodi sabji, khasta and dosa. Their jalebi is a must try.

Location: 25/1 A, Mall Road, Karachi Khana

4. Budhsen Sweet House

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If you’re looking for a satisfying Gujarati breakfast meal, this is the place to be at. Their Gujarati khasta, dal ka khasta, methi matthi, maath and dhokla, are great breakfast options if you’re looking for a change from the poodis and kachoris. They also serve a great variety of samosas so you can have a ton of options to pick from.

Opening Time: 8:30 AM

Location: 26/45, Birhana Road

5. Shree Bhojanalaya Restaurant & Sweets

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Shree Bhojnalaya is one of those places where you can have great food, have tons of it and still don’t need to worry about burning a hole in your pocket. We would recommend trying the dosa, the samosa, the chole bhature and the pav bhaji here. If you aren’t looking for something heavy, do give the lassi a try and let the sweetnes give you the much needed lift for the entire day.

Opening Time: 7 AM

Location: Shopping Complex, Vijay Nagar

We all know that a good breakfast can change our attitude towards the whole day, so if you’re looking to start your day with a flavoursome bang. Head to any one of this places for a gastronomical morning adventure and thank us later!

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