Women's Advisory & Saftey Committee mandatory at all police stations in Kanpur

Women's Advisory & Saftey Committee mandatory at all police stations in Kanpur

The members of this committee shall act as a link between the female victim and the police ensuring quick disposal of cases.

Adding up to the list of initiatives launched in the city under Mission Shakti, Kanpur's Police Department would soon constitute a Women's Advisory and Safety Committee at each of its stations. The members of this group shall act as a link between the female victim and the police ensuring quick disposal of cases. Having a strength of 10 to 20 individuals, the committee is also expected to help settle domestic matters with counselling-based interventions.

An attempt to facilitate fast-paced and trouble-free disposal of the cases

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Usually, women are hesitant to visit the police station for reporting their matters. Even if they do, they find it difficult to explain their problems to the male police officials. Keeping this in mind, a women's help desk was established to facilitate such women under Mission Shakti. Now, this shall be coupled with the Women's Advisory Safety Committee which will aid in the fast-paced and trouble-free disposal of the cases.

Committee to comprise of city's elite women

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The new group, proposed to be formed on the lines of the Thanewar Peace Committee, shall comprise of elite women in the city. As per reports, the group shall have women leaders including socialites, educationists, political activists, advocates and industrialists amongst others. These women shall act as counsellors in matters of domestic disputes so that easy solutions can be reached without violating the dignity of the woman. The troubled women would be able to communicate with this group easily, thereby helping in the speedy resolution of the cases. It is anticipated that this step will be of advantage the police department and the women in the city alike.

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