We live in a time where frightening, depressing and sad news is thrown at us from every corner of the world. With each passing day we realise how selfish, capitalist the world has become and it seems that there is no end to these problems. Yet, sometimes we come across a piece of news so fresh and so wonderful, it makes everything glimmer in its lieu. We stumbled upon one such piece via the goldmine that is Twitter.

VVS Laxman, former Indian cricket player, commentator and mentor shared a post which went viral as soon as it hit the twitter universe. In the post VVS shared a picture of a simple tea seller from Kanpur who endorses the education of 40 underprivileged children.

What's the buzz?

The viral post shared by former cricketer, made us meet Mohammad Mahboob Malik, a simple man from Kanpur, who earns his living by working tirelessly behind a tea stall. What struck out from the tweet was the fact that the man spends around 80% of his income trying to support the children's education and give them wings.

The story of a man who spent his life deprived of education, who now wants to help those who do not have the privilege or the means to educate themselves, struck a cord with people. The fact of the matter is, the story in itself is a proof of the fact that though our world may seem materialistic, selfish and cruel at times, there are these acts of kindness that make all the difference.

Knock Knock

Mahboob Malik is the simple example of the fact that a big heart and a good deed will never go unnoticed, no matter what. When people want to do good, nothing matters, not the circumstances, not their economic condition and not even who they are. An act of kindness will always remain so- simple inspiring. Mahboob Malik is what we call a 'real hero'.