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Kanpur girl, Sugandhaa Pandey has given the city yet another reason to stand tall and proud. Stepping closer to her dream of getting a PhD and becoming a professor, she has bagged AIR 21 in GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test) 2021 which Pandey has stated as an unexpected yet welcoming surprise. A scholar through and through, Sugandhaa has paved her to unbelievable opportunities with her grit, passion and never-lose-hope success mantra, and this is her story!

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Phool.Co, a venture by a Kanpur Flowercycling Pvt. Ltd has acclaimed the honour of BIRAC Innovator Award 2021 for making 'Fleather', a bio alternative to animal leather. Backed by IIT-Kanpur, Phool.Co has made this biomaterial out of temple flowers and farm waste but it performs almost like leather. Besides being an eco-friendly substitute, fleather can be customised for aesthetic expression, flexibility, density and strength.

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The upcoming cricket series against England bring a moment of pride for Cricket lovers in Kanpur as Ankit Rajpoot, a pace bowler from the city will be seen bowling at the Indian team's nets during the slated series. Having played 63 top-quality games, he has been an exceptional player in the circuit of domestic tournaments quite like Brisbane Test hero Shardul Thakur.

"Aspirations to impress the management authorities"

27- year-old Ankit wishes that his performance would garner attention and his trail would be similar to Thakur, T Natarajan and Navdeep Saini, who went from being net bowlers to Test players in Australia following injuries to main bowlers. He aspires to impress the sport's management authorities through his bowling in the pre-match sessions.

"My plan is to impress everyone, the captain and coaches. It has been a while since 'A' series or any red-ball cricket has happened. So, there has been no way to impress the selectors. My plan is to impress with my bowling at nets," told Rajpoot. He further said that there have been no India A team matches. While A players are called on the Indian bench always, Ankit hopes that the authorities realise his potential on the ground. Securing a spot amongst the five net bowlers selected for the series, he feels more enthusiastic and hopeful about the future. Ankit further asserted that during the current time of the pandemic, it is not easy to bring players for replacements from outside. This increases the responsibilities of the net bowlers who can find a place in the team at any time.

Picked up in the BCCI's initiative to include out-of-system player

The young boy from Kanpur was brought into the system by BCCI's initiative aimed at including out-of-system talented players who missed their spot in age-group state teams because of favouritism or oversight. According to the former BCCI Secretary, this project for finding hidden talent from across the country involved National Cricket Academy and former test cricket players. Ankit was trained initially at the pace bowlers' camp by Amit Asawa, a former coach of Ranji champions Rajasthan.

"He was part of the out-of-system camp. The bowlers from there used to come for zonal, specialist pace bowlers camps for certain periods. It was an initiative for players who had not played under-16, u-19," said Asawa. He further mentioned that Ankit is one of the few players who make it big quickly. Because of his potential and learning attitude, Ankit soon found a place in the team for Ranji Championship.

During the BCCI specialist pace bowlers camp, Ankit was one of the players who bowled to Shubman Gill. The Indian nets, supposed to begin in a week, would witness Rajpoot bowling again at Gill in the preparatory sessions for the first Test against England commencing on February 5 in Chennai. If Ankit is successful in unnerving him or any other established player, the boy from Kanpur would definitely be noticed by the coaching staff.

The announcement of the Padma Awards brought great cheer for the city of Kanpur. Born and brought up in the city, Dr. Usha Yadav is one of the 102 distinguished citizens from across the country to receive Padma Shri this year. A PHD-degree alumnus of Kanpur University, Usha credits a major part success of her success to the literary environment provided by the city.

A proud daughter who has preserved her father's legacy

Hindi litterateur and author, Usha Yadav has not only added a shining feather in her cap but also preserved her father's legacy. She is the daughter of Chandrapal Singh 'Mayank', who authored many children's stories. A lawyer by profession, he wanted Usha to become a judge but she was inclined towards literature and writing from a young age.

It was in class 9th when her first poem got published in the school magazine and she has never looked back after that. Usha has authored books on a range of themes in her long career. Having completed her D.Litt in Agra, she joined Bhimrao Ambedkar University after that, where she served till retirement.

Author of stories based on lives of women, children and senior citizens

Reportedly, Dr. Usha told that her stories are often based on children, women and senior citizens. She has credited to her success, more than 100 books on issues encircling their lives. In the present times, children across all sections of society are facing tough circumstances. While the ones in rich families have everything except their parent's attention, middle-class kids are overburdened by the aspirations of their parents. The toughest experiences are faced by children in poor and deprived families. Their childhood is overshadowed by their constant struggle for food. Similarly, daughters and women are feeling more insecure with each passing day. It is these issues that motivated most her stories.

A deep sense of attachment for Kanpur

As per reports, Usha mentioned that she feels a deep sense of attachment for Kanpur. Laden with proverbs and idioms, the city's local language influenced her passion for writing. She further said that all her visits to Kanpur bring back old memories from the past. While the city evolved with time, its heritage remains preserved.

While the author has achieved a remarkable feat with the latest award, this is not her first honour. Previously, she has been presented with the Bal Sahitya Bharati Award, the highest honour for children's literature, Mahatama Gandhi bi-annual Hindi literature award, Meera Smriti Samman amongst others.

We live in a time where frightening, depressing and sad news is thrown at us from every corner of the world. With each passing day we realise how selfish, capitalist the world has become and it seems that there is no end to these problems. Yet, sometimes we come across a piece of news so fresh and so wonderful, it makes everything glimmer in its lieu. We stumbled upon one such piece via the goldmine that is Twitter.

VVS Laxman, former Indian cricket player, commentator and mentor shared a post which went viral as soon as it hit the twitter universe. In the post VVS shared a picture of a simple tea seller from Kanpur who endorses the education of 40 underprivileged children.

What's the buzz?

The viral post shared by former cricketer, made us meet Mohammad Mahboob Malik, a simple man from Kanpur, who earns his living by working tirelessly behind a tea stall. What struck out from the tweet was the fact that the man spends around 80% of his income trying to support the children's education and give them wings.

The story of a man who spent his life deprived of education, who now wants to help those who do not have the privilege or the means to educate themselves, struck a cord with people. The fact of the matter is, the story in itself is a proof of the fact that though our world may seem materialistic, selfish and cruel at times, there are these acts of kindness that make all the difference.

Knock Knock

Mahboob Malik is the simple example of the fact that a big heart and a good deed will never go unnoticed, no matter what. When people want to do good, nothing matters, not the circumstances, not their economic condition and not even who they are. An act of kindness will always remain so- simple inspiring. Mahboob Malik is what we call a 'real hero'.