Going out for food has for long changed its meaning to become a hog session of pastas, pizza and burgers. Fast food is often associated with line processed, unhealthy and junk food, but Khan Baba is here to change that. This food joint does Pashtun and Mughlai food like no-one else. Khan Baba is the dependable, fast serving food chain where you nosh on delicious, high quality food.

Pashtun and Mughlai food are known for their richness, there is an abundant use of spice, dry fruits and creams. These cuisines call for heavy savoury dishes with flavours where the curries are generally rich and spicy while the grill is simple and full of deliciousness.

Unlike the food they serve, the interiors at Khan Baba are simple. The elegant white washed walls and the neutral toned decor gives the place an unassuming and comfortable vibe. What cuts the cake for us is the delicious food they serve.

We cannot get over their beautifully made biryani, be it the chicken tikka or the mutton dumpukht, the kind of flavours and mouthfeel you get here is nowhere to be found. They also serve a number of delicious curries and grills and we are a fan f them all. The Pashtuni Raan and Murgh Dahi lehsuni sizzlers win the crown while the murgh malai tikka, mutton nalli barra and tandoori chicken have found a soft corner in our hearts.

You also have to try the curries here, Murg Lahori and Mutton Nihari are everyone's favourites. Pair any of the curries with Keema Naan and Lachha Paratha and you'll have a meal that can't be forgotten easily.

Khan Baba also has a number of options for vegetarians. Trying out the veg biriyani, kadahi paneer, Peshawari daal, Kandhari mushroom sizzler would be our recommendation.

If the hunger pangs get heavy handed you know where to get a solid meal from. The best part is that compared to any other restaurant the prices here are quite reasonable for the quality and quantity of food they serve.

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This comes after a fresh lockdown was imposed in Kolkata and Patna. According to the government of UP, the lockdown will help in controlling the spread of the novel Coronavirus in Uttar Pradesh.

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Kanpur has a vibrant and pretty fun gastronomic scene where the streets are mostly abuzz with small food joints and stalls serving delicious food. However, with most of us being stuck at home, working from home or just avoiding social situations, this has truly become a luxury. But a foodie cannot live without good food! Which is why, we have curated a list of fun and unique places where you can order from and have the gloom go away!

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