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Listen up folks, the one and only- Vintage Machine, just got Nitro Coffee in the house! The cafe that serves the best Italian food in Lucknow now becomes the first one to introduce the culture of Nitrogen Coffee in the state.

VM is all about quality food and beverages, and that’s the reason why it is considered to be the favourite of Lucknowites. With the right ambience and a new menu, coffee lovers can now also enjoy a stronger and foamier coffee, that is infused with Nitrogen and gives a long lasting taste that is going to stay with them forever.

What is Nitrogen coffee?

Nitro coffee is very different in taste and texture than the regular coffee. As compared to the regular cold brew, this is crisper and slightly sweeter. When you order a nitro coffee at Vintage Machine, it comes to you in a fancy glass and makes you feel like you are really indulging, and of course you get that extra energy boost.

How is Nitro Coffee made?

When Nitrogen is added to the coffee, you get a nitro brew.

Cold brew coffee serves as the base of the nitro coffee and it needs at least 16 hours to brew, which is why it is more potent. Whereas in a hot coffee, brewing time is a few minutes, which is why nitro coffee produces buzz more quickly than the hot coffee.

Nitrogen is the element that completely changes the mouthfeel of your coffee. Since nitrogen bubbles are small in size, the water in the coffee doesn’t get easily dissolved, which makes your coffee frothier and thicker in texture. The fresh brew coffee is stored in a kegerator and pressurized, which results in a foamy and bubbly product, that can be poured from a tap.

Benefits of Nitro Coffee!

As fancy as the name sounds, a nitro brew comes with the same benefits of a normal coffee. But all those people who like to get an extra kick of caffeine, Nitro Coffee will be your favourite. A Nitro coffee is high in anti-oxidants, which have cholesterol-balancing effects.

Nitro coffee isn’t served without milk and sugar, that’s because it doesn’t need the added sweetness.This delicious coffee saves you some extra calories and you don’t even have to compromise on the taste because the nitrogen infusion gives it a rich and creamy taste.

Did you also know that a cup of Nitro brew after a workout session, is enough to increase your post-exercise energy expenditure? This basically means, that your body continues to burn calories even after the exercise.

Nitro Coffee is definitely worth all the hype and that’s the reason coffee lovers who have tasted nitro brew, absolutely love it. And thanks to Vintage Machine, to bring in the trend to our city.

Nitro Coffee is a novelty in itself, which Lucknowites can now taste in their city. So get going now, because a crazy new experience with a cool new retro menu, loud music and flamboyant/striking ambience is awaiting you at Vintage Machine and it’s gonna be amazeballs!

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