The public transport in the city seems to be evolving for the better, with the coming of Lucknow Metro. A lot of people showed up at the launch of the service and continued to use the metro even days after.

According to a report released by LMRC (Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation), Lucknow metro has touched a figure of over 1 crore passengers since its launch and as of now, it sees a daily ridership of almost 60,000 commuters.

This massive spike in footfall and ridership is largely due to the low costs, the fact that it has state of the art conveniences and of course, because it connects different ends of the city. What must be kept in mind is that the total footfall figure has been taken into consideration ever since the Lucknow metro first started in 2017.

The number of passengers in the Lucknow metro has been increasing day by day and when the entire north-south corridor of the metro finally became functional, Lucknowites breathed a sigh of relief.

The figures released by the LMRC as part of the report are rather interesting. Since September 06, 2017 Lucknow metro trains have completed a total of 1,83,561 trips, which brings the daily figure to 331 trips. These figures are rather respectable and can not be compared to other cities' metros as the Lucknow metro has only one functional route. In totality, Lucknow metro has covered a whooping 19,76,580-kilometers, which is commendable to say the least.

The high footfall can only be owed to passengers and the convenience that Lucknow metro brings to them. It is one of the safest, cheapest and most modern form of public transport in our city and why should it go to waste? Since the metro has been such a massive hit, the LMRC is planning to begin work on other metro routes as soon as they can. Phases and plans for the new lines have already been set up.

However, there are still a few issues that plague Lucknow metro. For one, the metro lacks women only coaches, which dissuades a large demographic from using it. Apart from that, the unavailability of feeder services is also something that could be tweaked. At any rate, the Lucknow metro is doing well for itself and we are looking forward to see it rise to new heights.

The procedure of issuing new learner's driving license in Lucknow, has been suspended till 14th of August, in the wake of rising coronavirus cases. All application slots scheduled during this this period have been revoked to maximise security of applicants from the increased transmission rate.

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