Rainy days in Lucknow are here to stay, according to the Meteorological department.

With the rain setting in on Wednesday and just lashing down on the city all the way till today, daily lives of many were brought to a standstill. Though several areas of Lucknow enjoyed the rains, others cursed it in equal measure.

The spell of heavy rains led to many major roads being clogged, and unusable. The city is enjoying the pleasant weather but the puddles and flooded roads, not so much.

What's the update?

Following the immense heat, rains suddenly blessed the city a few days back and since then, it seems like we are in for the long haul of this spell. As per metrological department reports, the rains should continue till at least Saturday, this week. Though the reports have stated that these will be dwindling rain spells, be sure to leave your house prepared for the worst.

Change in weather

Not only that, the showers also drastically reduced the temperature in the city, along with cleaning some of the pollutants from the air. The reports state that temperatures in Lucknow dipped 5oC below what the average should be. Though we are not complaining about the temperature, the rains are certainly washing over our plans.

Though the rains will not last much longer, the plunge in temperature could lead to an early winter. A week back, it was assumed that Lucknow would be in for a late onset of winter but the sudden change in weather conditions suggests otherwise.

Which areas were worst hit?

The immense spell of rain has turned roads in several major areas in the city into waterways. Places such as Mahanagar, Kapoorthala and Gomti Nagar Extension were worst hit. Vehicles were unable to move forward and were rendered pretty much useless in the harsh conditions.

In other areas, where water-logging was not much of an issue, the roads themselves have taken a huge hit. Of the three new flyovers that were recently built, the one from Lal Kuan to Aishbagh has suffered many setbacks.

The flyover is now overridden with potholes, that are yet to be fixed. The potholes emerged during the last rain spell and before anything could be done about them, these showers have just beaten down upon them even further.

Knock Knock

Though many rejoiced the rains, the consequences it led to were rather unfortunate and we hope that the LDA tackles these issues ASAP. Since the rain is here to stay make sure you leave the house fully prepared.

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