10 things you cannot afford to miss when you are in Lucknow!

10 things you cannot afford to miss when you are in Lucknow!

The city of nawabs has always been warm and welcoming to everyone. Its colossal cultural heritage and hospitality has always attracted people no matter where they are from.

Amidst all the amazing things, here is a list of 10, which you absolutely cannot miss if you ever find yourself in the city of nawabs:

1. Visit the Purana Lucknow

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Roaming through the streets of old Lucknow you might find yourself multiple amusements. From food to art, all the things are found in the best version of themselves in old Lucknow.

2. Taste the authentic Mughlai cuisine

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No place serves Mughlai food better than this city. The rich flavors will stay in your mouth forever and there is no other place which match up to your expectations there after. Tunday, Dastarkhwan, Rahim, and Idris are a few names that you will hear every now and then. Also, don’t miss the very famous Makhan Malai which is the best sweet dish you can have after an awesome meal.

3. Do the necessary sightseeing

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Imambara and Residency are the two names that every person has in their lists of to do’s, while on  a Lucknow visit. These two places beautifully portray the lives of Mughals and their hobbies. Also a very exemplary sample of the Mughal architecture can be seen when you visit these historical monuments.

4. Go on a shopping spree in Ganj and Aminabad

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These are the two most famous shopping points in the city and they have everything for your needs. From branded to reasonable items, everything is a walk away if you are in one of these places. And also it won’t affect your pocket that much if you are a student. Plus, there is plenty of good food here,that’s gonna keep you happy all day, cause exploring a market that big ain’t easy. If you love Colognes and perfumes do not forget to buy a ‘sugandhco’.

5. Get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of Ambedkar Park

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The best time to visit this place is during the evening when you get to see the alluring lights. The park is one of the best places to have a quiet evening and enjoy a peaceful view with friends.

6. Spend an evening at the River Front

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The Gomti riverfront is as green and beautiful stretch to spend the evening in. Fountains, lights and music make it a perfect soothing atmosphere for you to recline in after a tiring day.

7. Ride through the Marine Drive

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Yes! We do have a Marine Drive of our own and it is equally stunning. Bike rides on marine drive are the best way to enjoy and feel the place. The brilliant view along the river is the visual treat you can give yourself.

8. Visit La Martiniere College

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Picture credit- Prakhar Tripathi

The British built school catches most of the visitor’s eyes with its prestigious design and even more interesting stories. Take out some time to witness the scenic beauty of this amazingly built school premises.

9. Stack your closet with the Chikankari clothing

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Get yourself a chikan clothing item for every function you attend. From weddings to casual outings, chikan is the most comfortable and largely sold piece of clothing in the city. Flaunt your Chikan kurta and make heads turn everywhere you go and feel nawabi with all the attention.

10. The state museum and Zoo

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The city has one of the most famous museums, known for the sculptural masterpieces from 3rd century AD. The zoo is home to many different animal species and it constitutes a perfect day out for you. Grab some snacks and enjoy your day.

And at last leave with a smile because ‘Muskuraiye Aap Lucknow Mein Hain’.

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