In the midst of carelessness & panic, aware Lucknow citizens can call Emergency 112 for help

In the midst of carelessness & panic, aware Lucknow citizens can call Emergency 112 for help

Looking for help/ want to send in your complaint about the spread of Covid-19? Contact UP Police's Emergency number 112

The Covid-19 spread is the biggest news and the reason of worry for the entire world right now. The pandemic has put cities on a lockdown and people are self quarantining in panic. The spread of the Covid-19 has sparked a restlessness and panic among people and Lucknow hasn't been spared. With the rising number of positive cases in the city, the entire city is on the brink of a lockdown, the spirits have been crushed and the minds in distress.

However, even in these trying times, you can choose to help out and be reassured because the Uttar Pradesh Police's Emergency Number 112, is here to listen to your complaints at all times.

What's the update?

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While the entire world is looking for ways to feel better during the Covid-19 pandemic and are helping those in need, there are some among us who're making our lives especially difficult. These include people selling meats in the open, gathering in large numbers, opening educational institutions and workplaces, which could prove to abet the spread of coronavirus disease significantly.

To make times like these easier for the residents of state, UP Police's Emergency Number 112 is fully equipped to respond to complaints and resolve issues. The Emergency number in nothing more than 15 hours received 142 calls complaining about several of the aforementioned issues.

UP Police received 110 complaints regarding the opening of schools, coachings and offices. One such call even informed the police about a suspected runaway patient, who refused treatment and ran home against medical advice. 5 complainants addressed the issue of open selling of meat and the spread of disease along with it. The UP Police's response teams have addressed the complaints and dealt with the said issues.

So if you're an aware citizen seeking help, want to help someone else or are just wondering how to reach the authorities in case of an emergency, you can simply call the UP Police Emergency Contact 112 and get your issue resolved.

Since the government has offered to foot the bill of any medical attention required for the treatment of patients suffering from Covid-19, the UP Police 112, ADG, Asim Arun has appealed the residents of Lucknow and other cities of UP to come clean about their symptoms. "112 is completely vigilant when it comes to 112. If you have any information pertaining to Covid-19, please call 112 and inform the UP Police".

Knock Knock

With the panic finally setting in, the easily accessible number 112 should be your go-to in case of emergencies and in case you want to share any information. Other than that the government has also set-up a special Coronavirus Helpline Desk at the State Headquarters- 1800-180-5145, which you can call to share your information.

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