116 primary & secondary schools in Lucknow to get a facelift soon

116 primary & secondary schools in Lucknow to get a facelift soon

Reportedly, 65 primary & 51 secondary schools in Lucknow are all set to undergo renovation

116 government schools in Lucknow are all set to get a facelift soon. The dilapidated condition of these schools had gone unnoticed for a long time, but now various real estate developers have extended proposals to renovate these facilities as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. According to the officials, based on the report submitted by the education department, 116 schools across the city have been shortlisted for the same.

65 primary & 51 secondary schools selected for facelift

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Going by the reports, out of the 116 institutes where work is expected to be carried out on a priority basis, 65 are primary schools while 51 secondary schools have also made it to this list. All the repair works, the establishment of drinking water facilities, improving electricity wirings, construction of toilets and the beautification of the premises, will be taken care of through this project.

A few of the schools that will witness the makeover include Rajkiya Jubilee Inter College, Rajkiya Balika Inter College, Rajkiya Inter College- Hussainabad; Rajkiya Balika Inter College- Malihabad, Rajkiya Balika Inter College- Shringar Nagar, Rajkiya Inter College- Nishatganj, Rajkiya Kanya Inter College- Narhi, Rajkiya Balika Inter College- Vikas Nagar, Rajkiya Balika Inter College- Gomti Nagar.

A much-needed intervention!

Meetings and discussions for the same are underway for the project. Once completed, the revamped schools will add new joys to the lives of the children, encouraging them to attend school. With proper facilities of drinking water, using clean toilets, the school environment will not just be a safe one but will also promote health and hygiene in these children.

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