12 Must Visit Places in Lucknow For Your Next Hangout

12 Must Visit Places in Lucknow For Your Next Hangout

Knocksense presents 12 Must Visit Places in Lucknow for all the bon vivant.

This time not only checkout places and order your favorite food, but introduce yourself as a Knocksense reader and grab some exciting discounts.


Residents of this Nawabi place are too occupied with great taste and can never praise it enough. And to satisfy their love for food, they can never have enough of these places.

  • Tunday Kababi
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This century old legacy is one of the prides of Lucknowites when it comes to food. The famous food joint is visited by innumerable people from all over the country. Amalgamation of more than 150 herbs and spices; and the softness, with which it melts in your mouth gives you a taste you’d want to retain for months. The way it meddles with your taste buds will remain a mystery, one of the reasons to revisit this place countless times.

  • Dastarkhwan
[rebelmouse-image 22604918 original_size="150x150" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604919 original_size="150x150" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604920 original_size="150x150" expand=1]

For everything Mughlai, this is the place you want to be. Order any sort of Kebabs, be it Seekh, Galawati or Shami, you won’t regret any. With clean, tidy and appealing ambience this place has a lot to offer. From starters to sweet dish you can’t resist repeating your order. Bhuna Gosht is arguably the best mutton preparation in Lucknow. That one thing you shouldn’t miss at all here are Shahi Tukda and Firni.

  • Spice Caves
[rebelmouse-image 22604921 original_size="150x150" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604922 original_size="150x150" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604923 original_size="150x150" expand=1]

You may park your perception at the door and remember what you’ll see here definitely you’re not getting anywhere. Keep aside your latent hostility and put on your carefree cloak; because for some time you’ll be in a domain of a cave looking structure. They bring forth the brilliant Indian taste fused in their dishes. If a vegetarian is delighted with their Paneer Tawa and Garlic Naan, a Non-Veg lover will praise the heavens every time they snare the aroma of Awadhi Murg Biryani. Don’t forget to have your complimentary Pan Shot. Read more about Spice Caves here

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[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Oranz Spa Indira Nagar “]

Oranz Spa is a destination for men and women who seek leisure with luxurious surroundings. The center associates are here to rejuvenate, revive and renew the real you. The perfectly laid velvet walls with friendly and composed staff is sure to give you a restful reliving.

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For all those who don’t eat to live, but live to eat; Buffet is the rescue junction. Don’t forget to fulfill your love for food at these buffet:

  • Colours by Royal Café
[rebelmouse-image 22604927 original_size="300x200" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604928 original_size="300x200" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604929 original_size="300x200" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604930 original_size="300x152" expand=1]

Royal Cafe is a name we can trust with a blind fold, and so is Colours. A structure built to meet all the demands of your taste buds. This place is one of its kind with perfectly designed ambience.

When you want to be chirpy enough you can take a seat indoors and enjoy the groovy beats. But if you want to embrace the calmness and breathe the natural air you can occupy a seat at the open terrace. You’ll be amazed to know, a special Dal Phooktani is served which takes 12 hours for its preparation, and is cooked overnight in earthen pots with coal fire. All the diet conscious people who find solace in Salads will definitely love the Health Cart and variety of salads served at the buffet.

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  • Cheer Peer by Metropolitan Club
[rebelmouse-image 22604931 original_size="1152x768" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604932 original_size="1152x768" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604933 original_size="1036x686" expand=1]

It is a place where you want to fantasize the little birds in your stomach with frolicsomeness around. The graffiti laid walls can make you stare at them for ages. Along with the buffet one can enjoy the well-kept bar. The entrancing desserts will make you want to fill your plates up to the brim. In case you want to enjoy in solace you can make yourself comfortable in the especially designed area for private parties. You can conveniently whiff in separate smoking area without disturbing anybody. Satisfy the foodie within you with huge variety like salad, raita, starters, assorted breads and most of all the mouthwatering desserts. Read More about Cheer Peer here

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  • Sura Vie by TYC

Located in the midst of Gomti nagar, Sura Vie is the perfect place to be at when you want to revive yourself from a stressful day. The extravagant buffets are just what you need to ease off the stress. Furthermore, you can enjoy the peppy music and shake a leg or two. If you are willing to spend a wonderful evening with your loved ones or make the best of your day, Sura Vie is your place.
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  • Kool Break
[rebelmouse-image 22604934 original_size="150x150" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604935 original_size="150x150" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604936 original_size="150x150" expand=1]

A decent place to plan your get together or family meets. Sober, soothing ambience serving irresistible Chinese cuisines. You start with mouth watering soups and won’t be satisfied with just a bowl of it. You can have a relaxed dine out experience and enjoy the authentic taste. To tempt your taste buds you can have Drums Of Heaven. Not only Chinese but they serve Indian, Continental, Mughlai cuisines as well. Other must try are Assorted Veg Kebabs and Cheese Grilled Sandwich.
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The time when you want to lose control and feel the beats rising in your body, you can shake a leg and forget the world at these places.

  • Gale Regale by Metropolitan Club
[rebelmouse-image 22604937 original_size="986x653" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604938 original_size="1323x882" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604939 original_size="653x986" expand=1]

Get high on spirits in city’s finest disc and pub. It not only offers trendy music but promises to surprise you with amazing and tasteful food.Let loose and enjoy the perfect ambience you need for a party. You definitely shouldn’t miss the best of hookah served here and try a shot of AK 47. The Hookah disguised as the rifle takes you high enough to enjoy the heart popping beats accompanied with sumptuous drinks. Read More

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  • Arrest Disc Bar by Ranjee’s Hotel

This high energy disc bar is unequaled. The most recent music and amazing dishes in a vibrant setting, combine to give you an experience like no alternative. If you want to sit back and relax you can find pleasure in the exotic wine and whisky bar. You can have a wider range of beverages, cocktails, mocktails and get the best of your money. If you are high on energy level, you can match up to the beats of DJ.


Cafe’s will always be special and a destination with no second thoughts when we want to have light evenings with our friends. At a cafe trying something new can never go wrong, if you have not yet, go and check out these new places in town.

  • Mocha
[rebelmouse-image 22604940 original_size="1152x768" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604941 original_size="2304x1536" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604942 original_size="732x1152" expand=1]

Fusion is what they promise while preparing the wide range of food items. The peculiar taste they bring to us is because of the in house bakery. The breads, creams, caramel toffees etc. are all prepared fresh in the café. If you are done with overloaded chocolate shakes you’ll fall in love with Fudge Brownie Freak Shake which is topped with freshly prepared whipped cream. It caters to varied taste buds, ranging from Italian Pasta to Desi Anda Bhurji or from WWF Salad to Beerbal Ki Khichdi.
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  • The Lucknow Local
[rebelmouse-image 22604943 original_size="150x150" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604944 original_size="150x150" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604945 original_size="150x150" expand=1]

Resonating creativity at its best you’re never going to find any café like this. From hanging motorbike to Batman logo, from Comics to books arranged perfectly on shelves made from plumber pipes. This café leaves no stone unturned, not only will the ambience impress you but the food too. They bring to us MMT cake, that is Mango Mint Truffle which is sure to engage you for a long time. To meddle with your taste buds they have Sheermal Kebab Pizza and Butter Chicken Pizza. Also, to bring out the chef in you they carry out some cooking workshops as well.

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  • Seize The Day
[rebelmouse-image 22604946 original_size="1137x735" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604947 original_size="1152x768" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604948 original_size="904x922" expand=1]

Seize the Day will take you back to your school days. The simple looking café brings the simplest of dishes in extraordinary manner. All the recipes are owner’s special and are served with love. As you look up to ceiling you can read some interesting quotes hanging down. It’s a pocket friendly café which serves in apt quantity for two. If you’re having a bad day and want something refreshing you can munch some Cheesy Fries accompanied with Blue Hawaiian. Or if you are too hungry, Big Bean Burger will prove to be your guardian.

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[stextbox id=”info” caption=”Oranz Salon and Jawed Habib Salon”]

When it involves hair, majority of individuals are fussy, uncertain and apprehensive. We cannot trust anyone and everybody for a haircut or hair styling but with Oranz Salon or Jawed Habib Salon, we can simply put an end to this confusion.
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[rebelmouse-image 22604949 original_size="1024x859" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604950 original_size="1024x683" expand=1][rebelmouse-image 22604951 original_size="1024x695" expand=1]

Offer valid from 23rd Sep 2016 – 30th Oct 2016.

So, go and hangout at these new places in Lucknow and let us know. Don’t forget to avail the discounts.

To avail the discounts at Spice Caves, Colors, Cheer Peer, Gale Regale, Lucknow Local and Seize the Day all you have to do is, show this article at the counter at the time of placing the order. (A screenshot will not work.)

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