15 places in Lucknow where you can eat a meal for less than ₹100!

15 places in Lucknow where you can eat a meal for less than ₹100!

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Remember the college days?

After college or a long day at work, we need some comfort food and drinks to rejuvenate us, but then the paucity of money stops us from eating out in Lucknow.

Don't leave the college kids broke & hungry

For all those who always suffer from budgetary constraints, here is a list of 15 places where you can eat in less than ₹100 in Lucknow. Don’t believe us? Check out the following places for yourself!

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Chatpati Fish House

Fried fish at this outlet in Charbagh is a MUST try. Here, the biryani and tandoori chicken are also rather famous, don't miss out on those. It's perfect for students coz' it opens at 5 pm everyday.

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Bandh ghosh, roasted chicken & mutton keema are dishes that you can't afford to miss here- literally! Though a full meal will go slightly above ₹100, we strongly recommend you to visit Alamgir, Aminabad for the signature dish.

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Ratti Khaste

Vegetarians, rise up! The simply awesome lal aloo ke khaste with jalebi will surely make you go crazy. Oh, btw, one khasta costs under 20 bucks, so what are you waiting for, go get the grub on!

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The Fat Dumpling at 1090 Chauraha

While there are a lot of fast food options available at 1090 crossing, we recommend you to try tandoori momos at Dumpling Momo Corner.

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Alphaar takes the cake when it comes to budget friendly joints. At Alpahaar you can hog 3 massive samosas for just ₹10! While you're at it, try their khastas coz' they are delicious too.

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LBS Coffee Point aka Exer Club

This one's for the old timers because all Loreto and Gaurs students have memories here. Excer club will surely fill your stomach under ₹50 and the mushroom sandwich along with the cheese burger is the way to go.

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Idris ki Biryani

It is quintessential biryani place that is loved by all for its taste and aromas. The fact that a plate is less than a 100 bucks, makes for a deal you just can't refuse.

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This is the best and the most value for money place to eat out in Hazratganj. Right from Chinese to South Indian, one can have it all at very affordable prices.

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Bajpai Poori-Kachori Bhandar

Surprisingly, one plate of Poori-Kachori is just ₹40. Since one plate is enough to fill you up for the day, it's a great pick me up. If that's not something that beckons you, then we don't know will.

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ABC Rolls

Though the place is a bit hard to come by, it is totally worth it. The rich kaleji roll and boti kebab roll will surely kill all your roll cravings for days to come.

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Paneer Momos at Bhootnath Market

This momo kiosk is located on the left-hand side of the Bhootnath Temple Gate. The paneer momos, have an exceptional taste and are unmatched by any other in Lucknow!

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Manish Eating Point

Die hard Lucknowites still remember Manish as the stall they used to visit in Patrakarpuram after college. Now, the shop is big, but the oh so yummy shawarmas cost the same, so head over and relive the college days.

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Rahim ki Kulcha Nihari

A complete meal in just under ₹100? Yes, please! Rahim's Kulcha Nihari is more than just a meal, it is a lifestyle for many college students. The delectable taste never loses its charm, which is why it's a favourite.

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Keval Chai

For those mornings when you just can't seem to function, try the chai and bun makhan from Keval. It is sure to pick you up for the entire day and the aroma won't leave your mind for days to come.

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Chat at Royal Cafe

Royal Cafe is one of the most well known places in Lucknow. For all chat lovers, this is the holy grail. The basket chat is, in a word, delicious and you just can’t afford to miss this place.

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So you thought you knew the city, eh? Well if you have missed these, believe us, you missed hanging out in some rather fabulous places with your friends.

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