2 lakh frontline workers to get vaccinated in UP's COVID-19 immunisation drive on Thursday & Friday

2 lakh frontline workers to get vaccinated in UP's COVID-19 immunisation drive on Thursday & Friday

Stating that only one in every 1500 individuals is having mild side effects, officials have asked proposed recipients to not miss the jab.

With the accelerated process of COVID-19 immunisation, Uttar Pradesh became the first state in the country to vaccinate over 5.5 lakh healthcare workers. After the considerable success achieved by inoculating the first set of beneficiaries, the state started its vaccination sessions for frontline workers on 8th February. As per the latest announcements, around 2 lakh frontline workers will get vaccinated across 75 districts in UP, on Thursday and Friday this week.

COVID-19 vaccination, on in full-swing in UP

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The Additional Chief Secretary from the Health & Family Welfare Department of the state government informed that UP has already witnessed vaccination of about 15,000 frontlines till now. He was quoted as saying, "In the next round, slated to take place on Thursday, over 2,000 sessions would be organised across 75 districts."

It is proposed that the vaccine doses would be administered to around 100 individuals in each session. Given this rate, it is estimated that the target of 2 lakh frontline workers will be completed. As per the current records, the state has a list of eight lakh frontline workers to be inoculated in the upcoming sessions. The official also assured that the healthcare workers who had missed the vaccine can take the dose on February 15.

Negligible or mild side effects experienced by 1 in every 1500 individuals

It was also informed that the healthcare workers who were given the vaccine on January 16 will be administered the booster dose on February 16. Given the fact that just one in every 1500 individuals is experiencing mild side effects, officials have requested the proposed recipients of the jab to not miss their dose.

A senior representative stated that the vaccination drives in the country are showing optimistic results. As per the current experiences both, Covaxin and Covishield are completely safe doses showing negligible or mild side effects.

Descending COVID cases in Uttar Pradesh

On Thursday, the number of active cases of COVID-19 in Uttar Pradesh dropped to 3,256 while the tally for the state capital, Lucknow stood at 379. It is important to note that the state has been one of the most affected regions in the country with a confirmed cumulative count of 6,01,683 COVID patients and 8,696 fatalities.

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