22 yrs of love & success: Aryan’s is celebrating its B-Day with 22% discount on all culinary treats!

22 yrs of love & success: Aryan’s is celebrating its B-Day with 22% discount on all culinary treats!

An ideal family restaurant, head to Aryan Family's Delight between January 31 -February 5 to avail a handsome 22% discount on all food items.

Remember being 12 and surrounded by your family and friends, pleasant Bollywood songs in the background, and a cake lit up in front of you? Travel, for a bit, through the sands of time, to the moment when you're laughing in chorus with your cousins at something funny your pet did in Facebook's Pet Society. Suddenly, all your eyes dart towards the fragrance of Chole Bhatoore meandering your way from the kitchen. You've forgotten everything you were conversing about because a delicious feast is all that's on your mind!

Such is the magic created by the chain of Aryan's restaurants — that feeling of oneness, of a hearty meal with your loved ones, and of homely affection. This snug restaurant, that is completing 22 years in the industry, keeps augmenting itself to stay relevant, has revamped over the past year, whilst keeping its product quality and taste intact.

A stellar party at Aryan!

The spacious and accommodating restaurants are known for hosting huge parties and functions and, made with absolute love and care, the delicacies at the Aryan Restaurants are famous throughout all our circles.

And now, after completing 22 years on January 31 this year, Aryan Family's Delight is throwing a lavish party to show utmost gratitude and gratefulness towards the loyal and loving customers. So, tell us, what's better than a 22% discount? A 22% discount at ARYAN! The extolled brand is proffering the aforementioned lightning deal on all dine-in orders and you're welcome to avail the same anytime before Feb 5.

Between the stipulated period, hit up the delightful Aryan's near you, along with your fam, tuck into delicious plates of the cuisine of your choice, and grab on the offer now. Enjoy authentic culinary delights and join in the celebrations.

We're heading there now, are you?

When: January 31 - February 5

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