25 Lucknow zoo animals get adopted in an initiative taken by its new brand ambassador C.N. Sinha

25 Lucknow zoo animals get adopted in an initiative taken by its new brand ambassador C.N. Sinha

A crocodile, white peacock, Black Buck, Hornbill, turtle, spotted deer and many other animals got new financial caretakers.

In a remarkable moment for Lucknow zoo, 25 animals were adopted at the shelter on Tuesday, by citizens from a range of social and professional backgrounds. The adoption drive was led by the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP) Chiranjeev Nath Sinha, who has been appointed as the first ambassador of the zoo recently. Notably, the senior law enforcement officer was presented with the PETA award for feeding animals on the streets during the pandemic-propelled curfew.

Animals adopted for a period of 6 months or one year

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As a part of the adoption initiative, any person, family, institution, school, office, group, company, semi-government or governmental institution, corporation or NGO can adopt an animal depending on their preference. Subsequently, the amount can be paid for the whole year or a period of 6 months and the animal will be taken care of with the submitted sum during the said period. Further, animal parents can also seek exemption under Section 80-G of income tax on the deposited amount.

The charge includes expenditure on food supplies for animals and birds and it varies for different animals, housed in the zoo campus. Once an animal has been adopted, the adopter will be allowed to install boards outside their shelters. Such a person can also seek a special admission pass if he/she wishes to observe the adopted wildlife.

Swamp deer, Sarus crane, Chinkara and many other animals get parents!

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At the event on Tuesday, the Bank of Baroda adopted a swamp deer and a Sarus crane by paying annual fees of ₹45,000 and ₹16,000 respectively. Additionally, a Chinkara got a new parent in the form of Anwita Sharma, a three-year-old baby. Certain animals, including a lion-tailed monkey and a hog deer, were adopted by citizens in kind remembrance of their loved ones. Further, a crocodile, white peacock, Black Buck, Hornbill, turtle and spotted deer also got new financial caretakers.

Zoo Director R.K. Singh mentioned that this the first time the zoo has a brand ambassador and the ADCP has marveled at his job by arranging this adoption drive, within a month of appointment. Rashmi, Additional Superintendent of Police, Police Recruitment and Promotion Board, encouraged people to understand the value of fauna and helped in the successful execution of the program.

- With inputs from IANS

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