3 Lucknow University professors pave their way to TOP 2% Indian scientists in the world

3 Lucknow University professors pave their way to TOP 2% Indian scientists in the world

The world database has been prepared by a team from Stanford University.

The eminent Lucknow University has once again put Lucknow in the limelight. Three scientists from the university have paved their way to the TOP 2% of Indian scientists in the world database that was created by Stanford University. You read that right!

This database, by the US-based distinguished institution, has been assembled by Professor John PA Loannidis and his team from Stanford and was published by Elsevier.

About the three exemplars from the Uni

LU researchers who have been featured on this prestigious list include Professors Roli Verma and Amritanshu Shukla from the Physics department and Professor Abhinav Kumar from the Chemistry department.

Professor Amritanshu Shukla, whose exemplary work on Thermal energy conservation, Areas of Renewable Energy Resources, Theoretical Physics and Nuclear Physics, has put the spotlight on him. Reportedly, 180 of his research papers have been published to date, with 65 of those featured on an international level.

Whereas, it was Dr Roli Verma's work on optical sensors based on plasmonic and photonic nanostructures and films, that got her to the top. Her research work has been aimed at benefitting the environment and human health.

At the same time, Professor Abhinav Kumar's work has been in the area of ​​transitional metals, polymers (CPs), metal-organic structures (MOFs), and dye-sensitised solar cells. This type of research has multiple uses in the field of Materials Science, wherein drug manufacturing and energy fields are particularly notable.

Lucknow's CBMR director & former CDRI director also on the list

Besides the LU researchers, Doctor Alok Dhawan, Director of Centre of Biomedical Research (CBMR) Lucknow, with his father and former CDRI director, late Dr BN Dhawan, was also included in the list. Late Dr BN Dhawan has been featured in the database for the second time.

They've specialised in Pharmacology and Nanotoxicology. While the latter has also collaborated, in the past, with international writers on a book on COVID.

The aforementioned database features scientists working in the field of mechanical engineering, nanoscience, chemistry, material science, automation, bio-informatics, energy, geology, and environmental engineering.

3 Lucknow University professors pave their way to TOP 2% Indian scientists in the world
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