4 book stores in Lucknow, which offer more than just reading!

4 book stores in Lucknow, which offer more than just reading!

There is a famous saying, “We live for books.” Though it is not quite relevant these days due to the growth of Mobile phones, Kindle and other digital mediums, we still like to flip through pages, whenever we get a chance.

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Lucknow has always had some of the best bookstores in the state. Adding to the list, the new age bookstores like Crossword and Landmark has only increased the cravings to smell that fragrance of a novel.

What I say is, a town isn’t a town without a bookstore. It may call itself a town, but unless it’s got a bookstore, it knows it’s not foolin’ a soul.
― Neil Gaiman, American Gods

Here is a list of 5 brilliant bookstores in Lucknow, where you can find your favourite novels at a good price.

1. Universal Booksellers

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Thinking of a novel published in late 90’s? This is the place to grab it. Situated right at the heart of the city in Hazratganj, Universal Booksellers will never let you leave empty handed. They have a very nice collection of books, which is spread over 2 floors. You can get Fiction, Non-fiction, Astrology, Science, Food, Coffee table and Competition related books here.

2. Modern Book Stall

This is what we feel about this place-

I have gone to this bookshop for years, always finding the one book I wanted – and then three more I hadn’t known I wanted.
― Mary Ann Shaffer

Located in Janpath, this bookstore is your place to visit if you are a fan of Magazines. Here you can get a hold on some of the famous novels published in the country. This store has a small but useful section dedicated to books. The owners give you an option of ordering the book of your choice and they will get it for you in a weeks time. Also, you should visit this store for buying cards. It may be a better alternative to Archies.

3. Crossword

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Located at Fun Republic mall, this place offers a good collection of Novels, Music CDs, Apparel and Mobile accessories. It has become a hot spot for Lucknowites since Landmark closed down its operation in city, four years ago. Crossword is like a new age bookstore, here you can get your membership card and earn reward points on each purchase.

4. Landmark- For the child in all of us

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When the bookstore was shutdown in 2012, Lucknowites were left hearbroken. Now that the bookstore has reopened in Wave Mall, we can see the excitement building in people. Landmark has always been an all inclusive store for Video games, accessories and of course books and magazine.

As a kid, I used to visit Universal bookstore with my brother and father to buy the new school books. Ground floor was the section, where the school books were distributed while the first floor had novels, comics and toys.

I used to visit the first floor to buy Bayblades, but I was always fascinated to see bookshelfs. Later, in my journey to adulthood, I started reading novels in Landmark. Four years ago when Landmark was shutting down, they put up a flat 90% off clearance sale and I bought a couple of books. Since then, Crossword was my destination for reading in Lucknow.

I am sure, you people must be having your own ‘Novel story’, you can share those with us at info@knocksense.com. Do visit these stores with your friends and partner and relive these memories.

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