40 bus stops in Lucknow to get new refreshment shops & other facilities for commuters

40 bus stops in Lucknow to get new refreshment shops & other facilities for commuters

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As part of Lucknow's Smart City initiative, the authorities are planning on opening refreshment shops at 40 bus stops in the city. A survey of 148 bus stops will be carried out first to determine which of the stops, could best benefit from the upcoming refreshment stores. All these stops will receive a makeover and additions will be made to make them more user-friendly.

Multifaceted approach for bus stops

While the key reason for upliftment of bus stops is to provide ease to travelers, this arrangement will also provide employment to local workers, and aid their families. The workers will be tasked with taking care of the refreshment shops. At the same time, the rent coming from these shops will be spent on the security of the bus shelter as well as maintenance of buses.

The passengers waiting for the bus at the bus stops will also be served tea, water and snacks. Apart from that, the shelter itself will be fitted with LED screens, etc. This screen will be linked to sensors installed in e-buses, through which travelers can get information about incoming and outgoing buses.

The City Transport department will also mark spaces for new bus stops after conducting a survey. While new facilities will be added to the existing bus stops, along with creation of new ones, it will also be ensured that the buses stop at the designated stops only and not midway.

All of this comes after a review meeting of the city transport department, which was held on July 1 under the Chairmanship of Divisional Commissioner Dr. Roshan Jacob.

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