5 activities that you can partake in with your friends or by yourself when in Lucknow!

Chalk out your plans ASAP and head out for a power-packed day according to your mood.

When in Lucknow, getting bored isn't an option. Period. This city has a ton of things which are worth everyone's time and you can take your pick from an array of activities, that'll suit your mood as well as your budget! So we've compiled a list of 5 activities that you can partake in along with your best buddies or all by yourself when in the city and you can thank us later for it.

Dedicating a day to the 'The Lockdown Escape Room' for your share of adventure


If you're looking forward to an adventurous day within the confines of the city while with your buddies, then we'd tell you to hop over to The Lockdown Escape Rooms for a real-life escape experience. They have two outlets in Lucknow, one being in Gomti Nagar and the other in Mahanagar. The hub in Gomti Nagar offers 'Harry Potter: Rise of Dark Magic' and 'Pirates Escape' options whereas the one in Mahanagar comes with 'Murder Mystery,' 'Terrorist Hideout' and 'Escape the Jail' game choices.
If you're opting for the Harry Potter encounter, then you'll be tasked with the responsibility of finding the right incantation, retrieving the hidden artefacts and creating a spellbinding potion. But if you're going for 'Pirates Escape', you will have to step onto a pirate galleon in the middle of a battle to gain control over the high seas and so on!
On similar lines of adventure, the Murder Mystery deal is bound to awaken the Sherlock in you so that you can solve the murder of an 18-year-old and the Terrorist Hideout pack will have you all geared up to take on terrorists who are planning on executing an attack on your city! Further, the Escape the Jail option will bestow you with an experience of breaking free from a guarded prison, all within 60 minutes. Pretty gripping, right?! So check this out ASAP and venture out on a journey like never before.
Location: 2/41A, Vijay Khand, Gomti Nagar and Second Floor, Sinha Complex, Gole Market, Mahanagar

Street shopping & bargaining at Hazratganj for cheap thrills 

If you are in the mood to grab some knick-knacks but are limited to a budget, then take a walk through the markets in Hazratganj for your share of cheap thrills! Here you can haggle for the best prices, go window shopping or just spoil yourself with a kickass retail therapy session with your shopping buddy by your side or even alone. Ranging from high-end stores to local stalls, this locale heeds to all your preferences, as per your moods!

Binging in old Lucknow for you hunger pangs

When we ain't busy with work, foodsplorations are our favourite hobby. And what better place than purana Lakhnau to binge on good food to shoo away our hunger pangs?! With a plethora of offerings, this area is a foodie's paradise and we cannot ever get enough of it! Go over to the galis of Chowk and head to the iconic eateries like Tundey, Mubeen's or Rahim's and eat away till you burp out loud. Hungry? Problem solved! Hotel? Trivago!

Touring through the touristy locales to satiate your curiosity

If you're a new-comer in the city, of course you'd want to know about it, to gel up and to feel comfortable! So to satiate your curiosity about Lucknow and to know more about the local fabric of the city, you've gotta head out and take to the streets. Start off with the touristy spots, which include Rumi Darwaza, Imambada, Residency, amidst others and then move on to the more offbeat areas or eateries, which you can trace only after you're out on the streets.

Strolling at Marine Drive for solitude & peace

If you've been looking to get away from the routine hustle-bustle and want to spend a few moments of solitude, then we'd suggest you to go over to the Marine Drive in the evening or during the early hours of the day. This place is serene and the flow of fresh air here usually freshens us up while the nearby chai vendors, add to our relaxation. Take a leisurely stroll to lift up your mood or simply catch a corner and let your mind rest at peace.

Knock Knock

Lucknow surely knows how to keep us on our toes with its expansive offerings and we ain't complaining at all! So if you've been wanting to step out for your slice of fun, then do check out these activities and take your friends along with you for a riot of a time.

Lucknow's new AC Fruit Market to take 'Safeda' & 'Dashehri' mangoes to international levels!

Having 76 chambers and shops, the centralised AC fruit market will be the first of its kind in the city.

The Uttar Pradesh state government has been attempting to boost the market of horticultural products for a long time. In the latest string of developments, the state's first air-conditioned mango and fruit market has been set up in Malihabad town of the capital district, Lucknow. Expected to be inaugurated by the end of the next month, this new establishment shall propel the business of fruits and locally produced mangoes.

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Rajasthan government mandates negative COVID report for commuters arriving from Kerala & Maharashtra

The decision has come after the renewed acceleration of COVID cases in Maharashtra and Kerala

Hailed by the World Health Organisation for its efforts during the COVID pandemic, Rajasthan has actively executed a list of initiatives to contain the spread of the COVID contagion. Now, alarmed by the renewed acceleration of COVID cases in Maharashtra and Kerala, the state government has decided to mandate the presence of a negative report of RT PCR test for all commuters travelling to Rajasthan from these two states.

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Visitors Gallery & Cricket Museum in Kanpur's Green Park Stadium to house a medley of memories!

An initiative of the Kanpur Smart City Limited, the new establishments are slated to come up at the stadium's directorate pavilion.

Having been a witness to all three formats of cricket, the Green Park Stadium in Kanpur has successfully conducted over 500 test matches. Now, the historic stadium complex is all set for a revamp with proposed introductions of a visitors gallery, pavilion and cricket museum within its premises. According to reports, the state administration and sports authority have already issued a no-objection certificate, furthering the execution of the project.

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Direct flight between Rajkot & Goa likely to start operations in March

The revamped connectivity through the air route will boost business between the 2 cities besides giving a boost to tourism.

Being a hub of multiple attractions, Goa attracts hordes of commuters from across the country. Keeping this in view, multiple interventions to upgrade connectivity are worked upon and as per the latest developments, the coastal state is all set to be linked to Rajkot via an uninterrupted air route. If the plans get materialised, passengers seeking a comfortable travel option between the two locations shall be facilitated with a direct flight from Rajkot to Goa, March onwards.

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Mumbai's daily COVID spike breaks a 3-month record; Count breaches 1000 mark after 88 days

On Thursday, Mumbai registered a confirmed cumulative tally of 3,21,699 COVID infections with 6900 active cases.

Maharashtra is facing its second battle with the deadly COVID contagion after a slowdown was witnessed in the past months. Breaching the daily numbers recorded in the last 129 days, the state registered 8,807 new cases of the coronavirus on Wednesday, as per reports. The state capital, Mumbai has been equally affected, witnessing 1,167 new infections that broke a three-month record.

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