5 places to hangout in Lucknow to grab a juicy-cheesy burger!

5 places to hangout in Lucknow to grab a juicy-cheesy burger!

A burger makes a perfect well rounded meal. I mean it has everything that the food pyramid calls for, you’ve got a bread in the form of a soft rolled bun, dairy in form of the cheese, veggies if you count the lettuce, and meaty meat for protein. What else can you ask for? A well made burger can always do the trick, no matter how hungry you are a burger can satisfy all our cravings. So here’s are top picks for grabbing some delicious burgers in Lucknow.

1. Barcelos

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Barcelos is known for its chicken, the restaurant does chicken like no other place in town and we are fans. The burgers here are top notch as well, you will not go wrong with the classic grilled chicken burger served in a soft handmade bun, lathered with peri-peri mayo, lettuce, tomato and served with potato skin fries, creamed corn and peas salad. What more can you ask from a burger!

Plus, if you are a vegetarian you can try the crunchy veg burger and be pleasantly surprised with the amazing quality.

Location: Gomti Nagar, One Awadh Mall

2. Burgrill

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Burgrill is a popular burger chain, though new to Lucknow, it has already won our hearts. The place is better known for serving gourmet burgers and you can always depend on them to raise the bar and deliver some of the best burgers you’ll ever have. We are a fan of their cheese chicken half pounder and the messy non-vegetarian burger. Their butter paneer burger in the vegetarian section is also an indulgent option that we cannot refuse. So if you’re looking for a great, gourmet yet budget friendly burger, Burgrill is the way to go.

Location: 3/346, Vinamra Khand, Gomti Nagar

3. Vintage Machine

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Vintage is another favourite when it comes to grabbing a good burger. Though the cafe is most known for its Italian, the grilled Cajun chicken, the farmers choice lamb and the peri peri cottage cheese burgers have made us a fan. The black burger trend was officially brought to the city by Vintage Machine and we’ll forever be grateful to them for introducing the burger which matched the colour of our soul.

4. Rovers

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Rovers is an old classic. You cannot go wrong here. People have time and time again said that the mutton burger here is one of the best things to eat. It will change the way you look at burgers, it is beyond just a simple burger, it is loved wrapped up in a bun and made so that it can fill our hearts with joy. The burger is classic, the patty is delicious and the best part is they don’t overkill the burger with extra sauces and ketchup. It is just a perfect bite throughout.

5. The Cherry Tree Cafe

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Although a bakery cum cafe, The Cherry Tree makes a mean barbeque chicken burger. The bun is soft, the chicken is barbequed and pulled apart and the quantity of chicken is pretty great, they don’t skimp on the meat. Plus the sauce is a perfect blend of creamy and spicy making the burger almost a dream. We would recommend getting the burger anytime you crave a chicken overdose.

So here you go, if the list made you hungry or you’re looking for a great burger head on over to any of the places and thank us later. Keep a watch on the space for more food guides and recommendations.

Until then, happy eating!

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