5 reasons why winters in Lucknow are so close to our hearts!

5 reasons why winters in Lucknow are so close to our hearts!

Muskuraiye kyunki aap Lucknow mein hai.

Lucknowites often spend winter basking in the morning sunlight with a steaming cup of kadak adrak chai to keep them warm in the freezing cold.

Lucknow, the city of the Nawabs and mouth-watering kebabs loves winters after the sweltering summer months. There are a lot of reasons why one should spend their winters here in Awadh but we have narrowed down to 5 of the best ones,

Makhhan Malai at Chowk!

Without makhhan malai and daal puri, our winter breakfasts are incomplete in Lucknow! Makhhan malai or ‘nimish’ as we call it, is a winter delicacy and we cannot imagine winters without this frothy yellow coloured dessert which always keeps us asking for more.

Head over to Chowk during the early hours to catch a bite of this freshly made ethereal sweet-dish which is actually butter infused with morning dew! Sounds crazy right?! It actually exists for real and it is only available during winters!

Noon Chai at Kashmiri Mohalla!

Kashmiris have their own way of life which is unique in itself. One such unique and interesting preparation is Kashmiri Tea (Kashmiri Noon Chai or Salt Tea). Kashmiri tea or pink tea as we may call it, is made from the same tea leaves as green tea but its taste is quite different from that.

It is salty and its color is also different from that of other varieties of tea. It is pinkish in color which makes it absolutely different! It is perhaps the special way in which this tea is prepared that makes it incredibly tasty and it is pouring hot that helps in beating the chill during winters, especially Lucknow’s winter. Try it out in the galis of Kashmiri mohalla to get the taste of authentic pink chai!

Credits: Image courtesy Swan Tours

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary!

Renamed as Shahid Chandra Shekhar Azad Bird Sanctuary, you can visit this palce with your family to actually witness the flocks of migratory birds around! It is one of the many wetlands of Northern India and this sanctuary is a haven for 250 species of the avian population. A small park for deer has been established in the vicinity of the sanctuary so you can also catch a glimpse of barking deers as well! This is a perfect winter hangout spot for your family.

Visit Repertwahr Festival!

Repertwahr is one of the leading art and culture fests in Lucknow which happens every winter and every year, they turn up the heat like no other! They bring artists from all walks of life and this festival is an occasion which provides the best of entertainments in all spheres - comedy, theater, songs, dance and literature! If you’re in Lucknow this December, find out the dates of this fest because you simply cannot miss out on this carnival of global stars!

The best part is that they have something for everybody in store, every year so it will be worth your time for sure, if you’re looking for something to do this December!

Midnight Mass at St.Joseph Cathedral!

Welcome the Yuletide with the midnight mass here in Lucknow’s biggest cathedral- St.Joseph’s! Thats the best way to usher in the joy and the season to be merry! You can actually visit this place with your family and then head out for a drive under the shimmering lights of Hazratganj or Lucknow’s own answer to Marine Drive!

Lucknow winters will always be close to our heart no matter how far we are and we cannot get over the majestic things this city has to offer even during almost freezing temperatures!