5 tips to master spoken English; From the experts at EngVarta

5 tips to master spoken English; From the experts at EngVarta

Read on for tips that are simple AND effective!

Mastering spoken English can seem like a daunting task. The fear of being judged, the complex nature of grammatical rules and the lack of encouragement tends to make it even scarier.

To help you navigate the fear and start your learning journey, we've brought 5 simple tips to master spoken English from the experienced experts at the EngVarta app. Let's get right into it, then!

Listen, Listen, Listen

Right from the minute we're born, listening is key to developing our communication skills. The same goes for learning spoken English. You need to listen carefully to acquaint yourself with the vocabulary, grammar, intonations, and other aspects of the language.

Be it in the form of day-to-day conversations or podcasts and other forms of media, listen to well-spoken English as much as you can. It will also make your familiar with a number of phrases and expressions you can start using to gradually build your confidence!

Focus on learning phrases, not just words

Ask anyone trying to learn English. The most boring part of it is learning countless grammar rules. But you can skip that hard yard if you focus on learning whole phrases instead of words. That's what the experts at Engvarta call "Learning in pieces".

After all, learning words in isolation doesn't provide you with the tools to use them efficiently. But when you focus on phrases, you can use them as it is, in daily conversations and put them promptly in practice.

Practise with Tongue Twisters

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Tongue twisters can be tricky in your own language! Forget having to mouth them out in a foreign language. But tongue twisters can be the perfect tool to master spoken English. Why? Because they improve your articulation, enhance speech clarity and stretch the muscles you use while speaking.

When new to English, you might often mispronounce words despite knowing the correct pronunciation. Just put that word into a tongue twister and start saying it as fast as you can. Soon, you'll have absolutely no problem mouthing that word correctly!

Don't be afraid to make mistakes

It doesn't matter how many practical tips you put to use, fear can jeopardize all your English learning efforts. Remind yourself that even the most fluent speakers make the odd mistake. And even they were new to the language once.

The world can be a harsh judge but you don't have to. Feel free to make mistakes as you learn new phrases, words, idioms, and more. The key is to learn from those mistakes and gradually step forward on your journey to master fluent spoken English.

Sign up for Engvarta

When there's no end to institutes and platforms that promise to help you "speak fluent English in a month", EngVarta comes as a breath of fresh air. The only promise the app makes is that it will make the journey of mastering spoken English fun non-judgmental and simple, yet effective.

The EngVarta app connects you with Live Experts with whom you can practice conversing in English and clear out your doubts and queries. Furthermore, these experts are trained to be receptive and considerate of your problems and will ensure a judgment-free environment throughout your sessions with them.

What's more? The EngVarta app also offers an interactive vocabulary series and video lessons for all its users, both of which are absolutely FREE!

In addition to that, you can set a goal for yourself when you register with the EngVarta app. Do you want to communicate in English at work? Want to clear the IELTS exam? Or simply want to be fluent in English? This English speaking app will offer you solutions tailored to your goals.

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