5 new women police chowkis to be set up in Lucknow

5 new women police chowkis to be set up in Lucknow

These new booths/chowkis will come up in different locations & will shoulder the responsibility that is currently being taken care of by the only women police station in Hazratganj.

Lucknow will get 5 new women police booths (chowkis) in a bid to arrest the escalating rate of crimes against women. While there are 40 police stations in the city currently, there's just one station that is run only by women police officers. Hence, setting up more women-only booths in the city would help boost the efficiency of the police force while promoting promote women empowerment and safety across the city.

Streamlining police aid for the women in the city

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Lucknow's law enforcement unit is going to get a major boost under the authority of the Inspector General of Lucknow Police Laxmi Singh. About 5 new women chowkis are on the cards here that aim to create a speedy grievance redressal system for the women in the city. As per reports, the programme will have a state-wide impact, where about 82 women chowkis will be installed across Uttar Pradesh.

The proposed new cells will be installed at different locations in the city, taking off the pressure of the lone-standing women station in the city, located in Hazratganj. These chowkis will be monitored by the supervisor of the Women Crime and Safety Cell, streamlining the police force for female aid.

The new police chowkis will help resolve conflicts, especially in areas that are far off from the existing police station. Through more women-only police booths, the process of registering a police complaint will become easier as it will remove the hurdle of travelling to the central police station and encourage women to stand up against any kind of oppression.

Provisions at the Mahila Chowkis

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As informed by IG Laxmi, counsellors will be deployed at each police post in Lucknow. These agents will help to cater immediate mediation in divorce cases other conflicts which can be averted or resolved via counselling and guidance. As per reports, women, cops will be stationed here to create a safe space for women to file their complaints.

The female folks can use this facility for registering FIRs for cases related to domestic violence also. Such sensitive complaints will be directly looked after by the women police station in-charge along with an SP level officer, added reports.

Women chowkis to turn into police stations soon

The state constituted a high-level committee in line with the large number of pending cases related to crimes against women. This special agency insisted on creating at least two dedicated women chowkis, in every UP district at the earliest. Reportedly, these posts will be upgraded into police stations in the future.

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