500-bed multi-specialty emergency facility to come up at Lucknow's KGMU

500-bed multi-specialty emergency facility to come up at Lucknow's KGMU

The facility will have a 40-bed ICU and a 20-bed HDU unit.

In an effort to alleviate the burden on the existing emergency wing at the KGMU complex, the Executive Council on Tuesday gave the nod to a 500-bed emergency facility. As of now, the existing 150-bed Trauma centre deals with over 450 patients daily, that results in irregular doctor-to-patient ratio and lack of attention leading to inefficient treatment.

Reportedly, the new facility will be constructed after demolishing the old Nursing hostel which has not been used for quite some time now.

Tackling the burden on the healthcare sector

As per the Executive Council, the new facility will be an expansion of the current trauma centre, with numerous diagnostic labs and operation theatres. This move is aimed at providing efficient and timely treatment to emergency patients. As per the data, over 200 emergency patients visit KGMU from all across the state on daily basis.

The seven-storey trauma centre is touted to have a diagnostic centre, a parking facility and other amenities in the basement. Other than this, it will house an 80-bed Radio diagnostic centre, a 60-bed ward with at least 12 OTs, 80 beds for trauma surgery patients, 60 beds for orthopedic patients and a 40-bed ICU and a 20-bed HDU unit.

Dedicated specialty departments for different healthcare needs

In addition to being a 500-bed hospital, the facility will be considered a multi-specialty hospital as it will house a plastic surgery department, vascular surgery department, ophthalmology department, destitute ward, and ENT department, among others.

The healthcare industry has been evolving with changing needs and scenarios, highlighting a demand for emergency treatment by specialists. Working towards the same, the new emergency facility will cater to such requirements, ensuring inclusive healthcare treatment for all.

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