6 Reasons Why You Should Date A Lucknow Guy ASAP!

6 Reasons Why You Should Date A Lucknow Guy ASAP!

You cannot imagine Lucknow without Nawabs. The tameez and tehzeeb of Lucknowites make them the best people around to date and settle down in life with.

Here are 6 reasons why Lucknow boys stand out from the rest of the crowd-

1. Tehzeeb

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The boys from the city of ‘Aap’ have a sense of tehzeeb in the language. They show respect and in turn earn respect from people.

2. Gourmand!

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Besides language, Lucknow is famous for its delicacies. People grow up eating at Tunday’s and other delicious food joints. They can easily distinguish good food from bad food and will never take you to a place which doesn’t serve authentic, delicious dishes.

3. Awesome cooks!

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After moving to other places, most often Lucknowites don’t get the same taste because of which they learn to cook for themselves. This means tasty homemade and healthy treats for you.

4. Language

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The perfect mix of Hindi- Urdu sounds awesome. It is said that Hindi is best spoken in Lucknow and with a mix of Nawaabiyat. This Hindi-Urdu mix will be music to your ears which you wouldn’t want to come to an end!

5. Shopping

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They will take you out for shopping and the gentle nature of Lucknow boys will make them patiently accompany you for hours even in sultry weather.

6. You will be a begum!

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He will always treat you like a begum. What else can you expect from a nawab?

What are you waiting for? There only a limited number of Lucknow boys available. Go get one now!!

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