6 year old boy survives building collapse in Lucknow thanks to "Doraemon" teachings

6 year old boy survives building collapse in Lucknow thanks to "Doraemon" teachings

Mustafa took shelter under the bed as soon as the building started to shake, a lesson from one of the earlier episodes in "Doraemon"

Parents tend to fret over how much time youngsters spend watching cartoons. But Mustafa Haider, a six-year-old from Lucknow, has set an example of how cartoons (or anime), with all their quirks and goofiness, can often teach us a lot. He promptly recalled a situation in "Doraemon" and took similar action, saving his own life.

The boy was in Lucknow's Alaya Apartment when it began to shake, and later collapsed on Tuesday, Jan 24.

Survival lessons from "Doraemon" come in clutch

Doraemon is a Japanese animated series that first aired in India on February 13, 2005 on Hungama TV. The 16th episode of the show's first season saw its central character "Nobita" taking cover under a small structure in the open as his school is hit by an earthquake. As the tremors stop, Nobita comes out of the cover and says "When an earthquake hits, take cover."

Luckily, Mustafa, who is a big fan of the show, recalled the episode and its teachings of surviving an earthquake as soon as his apartment building, which was hit by a 5.8 magnitude earthquake, began to shake. He promptly took shelter under the bed and stayed there, as the building collapsed. Later, he was found at the same spot by the rescue team, who carried him to safety.

The popular show "Doraemon" has several moral lessons on the use of technology for good, tales of friendship, and working hard. But who would have thought that advice from a cartoon could come to a child's rescue at such a critical situation?

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