7 features that make the Aftek Elmo e-scooter a futuristic vehicle!

7 features that make the Aftek Elmo e-scooter a futuristic vehicle!

Schedule a visit to their Lucknow Showroom today, take a test drive, and experience the future of urban commuting firsthand!

As a novel endeavour to promote the green energy movement and empower their customers with stylish and cost-effective scooter solutions, Aftek Motors has launched state-of-the-art e-scooters.

In case you are looking for recommendations, Aftek's top-of-the-line e-scooter model, Aftek Elmo, is truly a head-turner with its trendy design and specs. Without further ado, let's dig right into 7 remarkable features of this dazzling EV-

#1. Retro style with modern touch

The Aftek Elmo seamlessly blends the charm of retro aesthetics with a modern flair. The standout feature is its captivating retro-style headlamp that not only enhances the scooter's visual appeal but also serves as a nod to classic design.

The back of the Aftek Elmo boasts a masterful fusion of meticulously crafted edges and curves, giving the scooter an undeniable futuristic vibe. This design choice is targeted towards the youth-centric market, capturing the essence of modernity and innovation.

#2. Sporty design & larger tyres for navigating challenging urban roads

The Aftek Elmo is engineered with telescopic shock absorbers that elevate its riding experience. These shock absorbers ensure a smooth and comfortable ride by effectively dampening the impact of uneven terrain.

The carefully chosen tyre sizes, 16 inches for the front and 14 inches for the rear strike a perfect balance between city road agility and slight off-road capability.

#3. Portable battery and easy charging

Acknowledging the demands of modern commuters, the Aftek Elmo comes equipped with a portable battery. This feature adds a layer of convenience to the electric scooter, allowing riders to effortlessly remove the battery for charging purposes.

#4. Impressive loading capacity

The Aftek Elmo stands out with its remarkable loading capacity, accommodating up to 253 kg. This makes it a convenient choice for various riders, from individuals carrying groceries to friends sharing rides. The ability to transport substantial loads without compromising on performance or stability highlights the scooter's thoughtful engineering.

#5. Durability and strengthened construction

Aftek has taken durability seriously in the design of the Elmo e-scooter. The scooter's construction is meticulously reinforced to withstand the rigours of daily use. Each of the elements ranging from side-mirrors to indicators and footrests has been built with sturdy materials.

This reinforced build not only contributes to the scooter's longevity but also ensures the safety of the riders. With this, Elmo e-scooter has a lightweight designs, making it pretty easier to maneuver and park.

#6. Better power density, higher torque and highly efficient

The Aftek Elmo boasts a powerful 3 kW battery coupled with a 3kW side Brushless DC (BLDC) motor. This motor technology is known for its efficiency, reliability and minimal maintenance requirements. The BLDC motor enhances the e-scooter's overall performance, ensuring quick acceleration, smooth operation and reduced energy consumption.

#7. Long-lasting battery capacity with efficient speeds

With a maximum speed of 75 km/h, the Elmo offers an exhilarating ride. In power mode, the scooter can cover distances of up to 100 km on a single charge, while eco mode extends the range to an impressive 130 km. The battery efficiency of the Elmo e-scooter further caters to sustainable urban mobility solutions.

Drop by Aftek's stunning new showroom in Indira Nagar to take a test drive

Not only does Aftek brings you budget-friendly e-scooters that give fuel expenses the boot, but they're also all in on the eco wave. They've decked out their showroom with all things carbon-neutral. Their cool green zone right under the Indira Nagar Metro station is covered with greenery, and the whole vibe revolves around electric vehicles.

Schedule a visit to their Lucknow Showroom today, take a test drive, and experience the future of urban commuting firsthand. Your next two-wheeler adventure awaits!

Where: Space no. 06-IN2-03, lndira Nagar Metro Station, Lucknow

Contact: 9555208484, 9118966689

Website: https://www.aftekmotors.com/

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