7 Pizza cafes in Lucknow you need to visit for the ultimate cheesy & doughy experience

7 Pizza cafes in Lucknow you need to visit for the ultimate cheesy & doughy experience

Food depends on the mood, when you feel like having something fire-y and saucy Chinese is the way to go, if you want fresh explosion of flavours well Mexican does the trick. But the one thing you can’t go wrong with is a good ‘ol Pizza.

The pizza love is real, it is undying and it is here to stay. So if you, like any other sane person, are fond of the cheesy-saucy-doughy miracle that is pizza, check out these awesome pizza places in Lucknow!

1. Sahib Cafe

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First, I know it’s Taj; second, NO, it ain’t gonna burn a hole in your pocket. Moving on.

Sahib is a kind of place you can never get enough of, it is a wonderland to the food lover. From authentic eggs benedict to perfectly made kathi rolls, you can trust Sahib to always serve you the best, but the most amazing thing they serve is the pizza. Their pizza is not just good, it is goood, it is sooo goooood. The doughy bread and the sauce will absolutely win you over, plus the Pepperoni is the star of their show.

2. Vintage Machine

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Who doesn’t love some Vintage action? Vintage is the first place that pops in our head when we think about pizza and rightly so. Their light and crispy crust and the bread to sauce to cheese ratio can melt even the toughest of hearts. And they offer a healthy variant of pizza, so that you can have all the taste and only few of the calories, isn’t it the best thing ever!

3. La Pino'z Pizza

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La Pinoz Pizza is Lucknow’s most loved pizza place. The huge pizzas and the New York slice-esque pizza slice they serve, can warm your heart from within. Plus they do not skimp on choices and flavours, no matter what you feel like eating, be it a classic basil-tomato and cheese or an Indianized Chicken Lababdar, you can have it all here. You really need to try their 7 cheese pizza, it is heavenly!

4. The Cellar

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Speaking of good things, if we talk about pizza we cannot leave Lucknow’s very own little Italian place alone. The Cellar is that one place you can always depend on to provide the perfect bite. The cozy place serves some of the most yum-yum pizza’s you’ll try, their chicken tikka pizza is especially good. And, they don’t skimp on the cheese so their pizza is the cheesiest you’ll have.

5. Free Spirit

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What is better than a extra cheese topping on a pizza? Double decker pizza that has cheese in the crust and extra cheese on top! Sounds sinful right?

To indulge in the most cheesy experience you’ll ever have, go ahead and visit Free Spirit Cafe. Also try their Garden Fresh and Cheese Americano Pizza, they’re amazing!

6. Coffee Culture

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Coffee Culture’s colorful and quirky outlet at the Mahanagar cross-section draws many eyes. The cafe lives up to the hype surrounding its name, the coffee of course is good but the pizza is the best thing they serve. Their chicken overdose and the thin crust Cicilia are topping overloads and you’ll absolutely love them!

7. Mocha

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Mocha is a Lucknowi favourite, be it burgers or pizzas, Mocha will never let you down. The calming ambience and the yummy food makes for an awesome experience. Their tandoori paneer shashlik and mundu chilli, spicy bhuna sausage and the chicken peri peri will make you forget all the healthy, diet conscious food choices you have been been making.

So what are you waiting for? Go grab a slice of deliciousness!

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