7 places in Lucknow a die hard Pizza fan cannot afford to miss! #PizzaForLife

7 places in Lucknow a die hard Pizza fan cannot afford to miss! #PizzaForLife

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One of the few things that remain unchanged in our lives, is our unconditional love for Pizzas. This round structure loaded with cheese can instantly put up a smile on anyone’s face and give them reasons to wake up each day.

This is one item that we hunt for in any menu and Lucknow, has some really amazing places where you can explore more than just the regular pizzas, which you have got used to. While, Dominos and Pizza Hut never fail to disappoint us by their delighting Pizzas, there are many places in the city which offer unconventional and amazing taste of this Italian wonder, you cannot miss.

Use this list as your guide to the flavoursome and off beat pizzas you were unaware of until now-

1. The Chocolate Heaven

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Olives and spinach are both tasty and healthy, that is the reason you must taste the Spinach olive cheese Pizza at Chocolate heaven located in Gomti Nagar and help yourselves with something healthy, after you have fulfilled your stomach with the mouth- watering chocolate items this place has to offer. Green Finch, Mushroom delight, Jain/Indian pizza, are just some of the names on their long list of pizzas.

2. Red Carpet

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This new cafe in Gomti Nagar awaits you all, with their must try Pizzas and a wide range of other food items. Their perfectly cooked Barbeque Chicken Pizza should be enough to satisfy your craving but if you are looking for veg options, a lavish Veg House Pizza or a Grill Paneer Tikka Pizza, should be your pick.

3. Chicago Pizza

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This cozy little place located near Novelty cinemas in Lalbagh, offers a remarkable garlic bread which is worth each penny spent on it. It also offers Pizzas like Zesty Chicken and Spicy Affair, that will make you want more and more. This place has good taste and is absolutely value for money.

4. Pizza Dine

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For pocket friendly and mouth-watering Pizzas and Pastas, Pizza Dine is the place you need to bookmark. Located in Kapoorthala, this place targets those who have a big appetite for the cheesy Italian appetizer, as it is the only place that offers a PIZZA BUFFET!

Yess!! Unlimited pizza guys!!!

5. Romeo’s Pizza

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A cozy pizza corner that looks like a mini replica of Dominos, is perfect for people looking for pocket friendly options. Located near Shalimar crossing, in Indira Nagar, Romeo’s Pizza will charge you 400 for two. Again, the menu is very similar to that of Dominos and has everything from veg to non-veg and even the choco-lava cake, for a dessert break.

6. Cafe Mocha

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The thin crust pizzas at café mocha are worth a try. Just like its delicious desserts, mocha’s pizzas will definitely leave a mark on your taste buds. Don’t forget to try their Paneer Shashlik and Mundu Chilli Pizza on your next visit. You can also combine any two Pizzas of your choice and enjoy more at less cost.

7. Lucknow Local

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Pizza and Waffles, is what you need to come here for. Not only are the Pizzas named creatively, but they taste equally different and amazing. If you love chicken, try their Los Pollos Hermanos with a glass of ice and fire, or you can also order the Firangi Nawab Pizza, which is basically a sheermal kebab Pizza, that you will get nowhere else.

So what are you waiting for? Enrol yourself into a Pizza buffet now!

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