7 reasons why Amritsari Haveli in Lucknow should be your next hangout place!

7 reasons why Amritsari Haveli in Lucknow should be your next hangout place!

From the ambiance to the epic variety of North Indian food, here's a list of things that you'd wanna know about Amritsari Haveli in Lucknow:

Lucknow is well-known for its Awadhi cuisine. However, sometimes our taste buds crave something different from the usual. Imagine indulging in a North Indian-style creamy and buttery gravy, infused with a tangy flavour of fresh tomatoes. While this may be new to some in the city, finding authentic Punjabi food can be a rare occurrence.

Fortunately, our team of foodies scoured the city to bring you the best of both worlds. Behold fellow Lucknowites, and say hello to Amritsari Haveli, a renowned North Indian food chain that features both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in its à la carte menu. Besides, we've jotted down 7 reasons why every discerning foodie should dine at the awesome food joint.

The vibe at Amritsari Haveli

Step into Amritsari Haveli and be transported to a world of luxurious minimalism. With overhead lamps casting a warm glow, colourful decor adding a touch of vibrancy and a spacious table set up that feels indulgent, this fine-dine restaurant is a cut above the rest.

Take a moment to soak in the panoramic view of the city while sipping on a refreshing mocktail or indulging in a creamy shake from the bar. The pastel-coloured interiors will leave you feeling calm and content, making it the perfect spot for family outings and intimate evenings.

Haveli special biryanis

For those looking for a different twist on the classic biryani, be sure to try their Haveli Chicken/Mutton Biryanis. Made with desi ghee, these flavourful biryanis have a unique flavour that sets them apart from the classic Awadhi variants!

Maharaja Thali

Looking for a meal that will truly leave you mesmerized? Look no further than Amritsari Haveli's ginormous Maharaja Thali! This epic platter is sure to make your jaw drop with its size and variety. With five different types of iconic sabzis, two rich and creamy dals, rotis, nans, rice, salad, raitas and even desserts, you'll feel like a true Maharaja after indulging in this supreme feast for the senses.

And if that's not enough to satisfy your appetite, don't worry - you'll also get a huge glass of Maharaja Lassi to wash it all down!

The giant naan that broke records

As the saying goes, go big or go home - and at Amritsari Haveli, they definitely know how to do things big - so big, in fact, that they hold a world record for their Kulcha, which measures a whopping 24 inches! So if you're looking for a meal that will truly leave an impression, be sure to order either of their items from their menu.

Ah, and if you're looking for a truly authentic Punjabi culinary experience, then do give a shot to their Amritsari Kulchas - these savoury delights are sure to leave you absolutely mesmerized!

Delightful array of veg dishes

If you're a vegetarian looking for some seriously satisfying dishes, Amritsari Haveli is the place to be! They offer a range of creamy and flavorful options that will have you coming back for more.

Here's a closer look at some of their standout dishes - The paneer tikka butter masala features smokey and tandoori paneer tikka infused in the OG butter masala gravy, while the chana masala constitutes of chickpeas cooked to perfection in a spicy and tangy tomato-based sauce bursting with the flavour of authentic Punjabi spices. Moreover, their Dal Makhani is rich and buttery and becomes another must-try!

Trust us, once you try em you'll definitely want to make these dishes a constant in your dining experience at this astounding food joint.

Mouthwatering non-veg delicacies

If you're a fan of rich and creamy dishes, then Amritsari Haveli's non-veg menu is sure to impress. Their authentic Butter Chicken is a must-try, with tender pieces of chicken in a creamy tomato-based gravy that is infused with fragrant spices.

For something with a little more heat, the Mutton Rogan Josh is a great choice, with succulent pieces of mutton cooked to perfection in a spicy and flavourful gravy. The Haveli Mutton Nalli Nihari is another standout dish, featuring tender pieces of mutton simmered in a rich and flavourful broth that is sure to warm you up from the inside out. Additionally, their splendid menu features a delightful array of other mouthwatering mutton dishes, all perfectioned with flavours.

Unforgettable range of shakes and slushes

Looking for a refreshing way to start your meal or a delicious way to end it? Look no further than Amritsari Haveli! Whether you're in the mood for a cool mocktail or a rich shake, they've got something for everyone.

Their menu boasts a wide range of options, including fresh fruit slushes made with real fruit pulp, as well as their signature shakes like the Almond Shake, Oreo Shake and more.

No matter what you choose, you can be sure that Amritsari Haveli will provide a delicious and refreshing beverage to complement your meal!

Knock Knock

Overall, the Amritsari Haveli offers a cultural and culinary experience that is sure to leave you impressed. Alongside the vast menu, the warm and inviting atmosphere of the place, adds to the overall experience, making it perfect for dining with friends and family. Make resevations today!

Where: 4th floor, STW infinity, opposite Kendriya Bhawan, near Purania chauraha, Sector E, Aliganj, Lucknow

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