7 reasons why The Urban Dhaba in Lucknow is a must visit this festive season!

7 reasons why The Urban Dhaba in Lucknow is a must visit this festive season!

Diehard lover of food and Bollywood? Well then what can be a better place to dine at than The Urban Dhaba. But that’s not all! The Urban Dhaba is the coolest ‘dhaba’ in the city and here are 7 reasons why Urban Dhaba should be your next hangout destination-

It’s Bollywood theme

Grown up as the lover of food and Bollywood? In that case you are surely going to love Urban Dhaba cause it has got all the favourite memories hung up on the walls. It’s a trip down the memory lane, that includes the famous dialogues and moments from old Hindi classics, which will quickly refresh your memories and hit you with nostalgia.

Modern yet budget-friendly dhaba

Urban Dhaba is one of those very few places which serve quality food without trying to make a hole in your pocket. All items on the menu are fairly priced, the quality and quantity will not disappoint you at all. One of their most amazing deal is the Chinese Thali, which has a range of dishes, including Noodles/Fried rice and Manchurian to name a few. For more amazing combos and meals, head to the place now and explore their menu!

Bahubali Thaali 2

This is not just any thaali! The Bahubali Thaali 2 at The Urban Dhaba is not for the faint-hearted. But if you love food and adventure both, then get your food buddy and take over the challenge of fitting the huge thaali in your tummy and get your photo on the Dhaba’s wall of fame! Available in both veg and non-veg options, the Bahubali Thaali 2 is the stuff dreams are made off. And it totally is something every Lucknowite must try once.

Picture perfect place

The Urban Dhaba has a vibrant ambience and really cool decorations all around, that could be the best subject for your cameras. The food here doesn’t just taste good but it also looks goods, and is perfect for food photography. For all those people who have the instagram ka keeda, this place really needs to be on the list of must visit.

For the never-ending love of Biryani

The Urban Dhaba offers not just one, but 5 different variants of your favourite Biryani. This alone is reason enough to head straight to the dhaba! It’s time to stuff your bellies with some finger licking good Soya Chaap Biryani, Veg Biryani, Murg Handi Biryani, Mutton Handi Biryani and Murg Hyderabadi Biryani, only at The Urban Dhaba.

Make your day special

When it comes to special occasions, The Urban Dhaba is one place in the city that goes an extra mile for its customers. Be it father’s day, Valentine’s day or a birthday party, Urban Dhaba takes care of everything for you. From providing a cordial service to arranging tokens of appreciation, this place knows how to make its customers feel special!

Fire paan

Refreshment after a delicious meal is a must, but why go the regular way when you have the option of an exciting fire paan, only at the Urban Dhaba? A sweet and heavily stuffed fire paan will definitely send chills down your spine and make your stomach truly happy, after a great meal.

Whether it is the thrill of completing a thali challenge, or the fun of getting together with family over a lunch, there are multiple reasons to be at The Urban Dhaba.

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