7 tempting reasons why you must head to Cafe Delhi Heights in Lucknow now!

7 tempting reasons why you must head to Cafe Delhi Heights in Lucknow now!

With distinctive fusion cuisines, a high-toned atmosphere, & a fresh drinks' menu, CDH at Riverside Mall in Lucknow is a must-visit.

The pan-Indian Cafe Delhi Heights has quickly worked its way up the favourites of Lucknowites and now, they have another exicting news for you folks! The ever-growing cafe has thrown open its bar and it's time to give them a visit soon.

The multi-cuisine restaurant has been sitting well among its audience, owning to the distinctive fusion cuisines, unique vibes, high-toned atmosphere, and scrumptious food. And we cannot wait to indulge in their new liquor menu!

Whether you've been acquainted with the warm place before or are a newbie, here are 7 reasons why you must hit Cafe Delhi Heights in Lucknow and comfort your soul!

All new drinks' menu

Now that CDH has scored a liquor license, there's no way you can keep away from the black classy bar here. From a multitude of delish cocktails to fresh beers-on-tap, their new plan is to make your hang-out party sessions worth every penny!

We sure will recommend their lit CDH Sling (made with gin, cherry shnapps, and pineapple), Tempting Tropical LIIT (with peach and pineapple), and, of course, the OGs — Cosmopolitan and Red Wine Sangria.

Like we said, CDH has an array of booze catering to all age-groups. Whether it is wet, dry, and old-fashioned straight drinks or your tall and refreshing fusion beverages, they have it all!

Classy ambience

As you enter the warm and welcoming place, you’re blessed with a lil green artificial meadow-like exterior with a separate seating arrangement. You can see through the turquoise-bordered glass the magnificent interiors.

On entering the café gleaming in blue and gold, you'd feel the snug yet classy ambience with an abundance of yellow lights mellowing the vibe, relaxing you instantly!

The sun shines in from certain corners of the spacious restaurant, too, so do you have various seating options to choose from.

Delicious food

From their welcome food to their culinary masterpieces, the food here, overall, will make you content. The high-quality food comes under various cuisines, including Continental, Chinese, North Indian, and more.

They also have an open kitchen so you'd know how much longer you'd have to wait for your order!

Try CDH's ISBT Makhani Maggie and Chicken Grilled Breast with mashed potatoes, and thank us later! You can also go for the Chilli Chicken here, which is soft, juicy, and chilly, just how all food lovers like it! And, even if four people together eat the rich and decadent CDH Chocolate Mountain with Ice cream, we assure it'll leave them satisfied with a food-gasm. The brownie, caramel, choco chips, chocolate sauce, and cherry on top (literally) altogether make for a heavenly indulgence.

Hatke vibes


Looking for a food haven that is hatke from others? The multi cuisine restaurant serves from mouth-watering golgappa shots to chill vibes!

Their tagline "Kripya yahan gyaan na baatein, yahan sabhi gyaani hain" will, perhaps, feel relatable. So, the place is a blend of the cultures and will render the Dilli-feels, too.

While you're here and chilling with your people, you're not only relaxed but notice a pattern of dope stuff around. Besides the plethora of comfort food, you get to pick up some cards and other board games, too. If you're more of a reader, help yourself with a book from the shelf and enjoy some me-time!

Juicy Luicy Burger

Another reason to visit CDH is to eat their most renowned Juicy Lucy Burger. And, we don't exaggerate when we say that the Delhi Heights' signature dish is a must-try for everyone that likes food.

The burger has, till date, crossed a whopping 5 lakh sales throughout India and cannot entertain this FOMO anymore!

Live music, DJ sessions & more!

Cafe Delhi Heights can also be your party hub when you like, owning to numerous things. On the top of our head — the changing CDH menus. The menus cater to all special occasions and festivities and now that Christmas and New Year are around the corner, expect good winter-special things (read: food) coming your way!

Then, of course, it has invigorating live music going on and about in the backdrop for you to enjoy and reppin' DJ sessions making you groove into the night!

Carrying a tremendous reputation

Having served more than 3 crore happy customers across the country, Cafe Delhi Heights has a tremendous reputation. Flourishing in big cities like Mumbai, Pune, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, and more, CDH keeps spreading its wings to expand its fam.

And now that it has made its way all the from Dilwalo ki Dilli to the city of Nawabs, we're on a happy high!

This is your cue to visit CDH today

If you were looking for a sign to head to this chic and snug place, consider this as one. This is your chance to experience quirky celebrations amidst a classy backdrop, great F&B, aesthetically-pleasing interiors, in your own city!

Location: RiverSide Mall, 3, Vipin Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226010

7 tempting reasons why you must head to Cafe Delhi Heights in Lucknow now!
Cafe Delhi Heights has finally made its way to Lucknow & we're on a happy high!

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