7 things every Lucknowite thinks of after moving to Delhi NCR 

7 things every Lucknowite thinks of after moving to Delhi NCR 

Ye itti gaali kyun dete hain?

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

For people in Lucknow, moving away to Delhi NCR in search of education, work or “something new” is pretty common. Delhi is the closest metropolitan city to Lucknow, hence people prefer moving to Delhi, so that they can run back home anytime they want.

Even though Lucknow is a quick flight or the overnight train/bus journey away from Delhi, the two cities are different as can be. The city is extremely overwhelming and moving here can be a bit of a cultural shock.

The language, the habits, the roads, the lifestyle, the air and even the people often seem exceptionally difficult to deal with. So if you are planning to move to Delhi or have already shifted there, here’s a list of 7 things you’ll surely think of after moving away from home to the national capital.

1. Yaar, why is travelling so expensive here?

7 things every Lucknowite thinks of after moving to Delhi NCR 

Travelling in Delhi is expensive and you understand that as soon as you set foot in the city. It seems that the auto-wallas never want to travel by the meter and can quote whatever price they wish to. Where travelling from point A-B in Lucknow will cost you around 5 bucks, going the same distance in Delhi may cost you something around 20 bucks and if you're in Noida, 30 bucks, for sure.

So you are sure to wonder why travelling is so goddamn expensive in the city. Although, there is a definite silver lining in the entire situation - NCR is very well connected via the metro routes and you can travel an entire stretch of the city without worrying about much of an expense.

2. Where can I get Tunday ke kabab?

7 things every Lucknowite thinks of after moving to Delhi NCR 

Okay, so anyone who has spent some time in Lucknow knows that Lucknowites are spoilt for choices in the city. There's so much to pick from when it comes to delicious food, that we know exactly what we want and take nothing less.

You can expect many things when you go to Delhi but do not expect to get kebabs as delicious as you find in Aminabad or biryani as rich as you get in the lanes of Chowk. The chaat is a whole different thing. First off, they call their pani ke batashe “pani puri” and second, they fill it with friggin aloo! If there was ever a chaat sin in Lucknow, it still wouldn't be as big as filling pani batashe with aloo.

3. What is with all this traffic?

Odd-even rule helps cut down on traffic jams
Odd-even rule helps cut down on traffic jams

Delhi is a giant of a city, actually one of the most densely populated in the country. Hence the traffic here is always crazy, the jams are endless, while the red lights are a constant source of frustration for the people. If you've travelled in Delhi, you know that navigating through the traffic is a pain at all times and the jams are way more intense than any you'll ever witness in Lucknow.

Traffic in Delhi is also different with respect to how people follow the rules here. While Lucknow's attitude towards the traffic rules is a more laid-back one, people of Delhi have learnt to respect the signals and live by them.

4. WOW! Travelling via the metro is like going to war

7 things every Lucknowite thinks of after moving to Delhi NCR 

Metro is Delhi's lifeline, the winding networks are spread all over the city and we have much appreciation for it. Yet, travelling via the metro is no less than preparing for battle. Commuting in Delhi is a daily fight and the metro its battlefront!

If you've ever tried to get into the metro at New Delhi station, you know exactly what we're talking about. Let's not forget what a hassle Rajiv Chowk can be - the crowd is truly maddening.

5. Ye har baat pe Tu-Tu kyun karte hain?

7 things every Lucknowite thinks of after moving to Delhi NCR 

The language spoken in Lucknow is extremely different than the one that is spoken in Delhi. Essentially, both of these cities speak Hindi, yet the tone of the language is leagues apart. Lucknow is known for its tehzeeb which shows plainly in the language spoken here; on the other hand, Delhi is much more harsh with words.

Hence, initially, you may feel that people are being a little too rude to you, but know that "Tu" here is also an endearment and "Aap" may be considered too formal.

6. Why is everyone so busy all the time?

7 things every Lucknowite thinks of after moving to Delhi NCR 

Life in Delhi is fast. People in the city run at a pace that is beyond comprehension for Lucknowites. Lucknow is by no means a small town, yet life here runs at a much relaxed pace than Delhi. People have time to stop and smile at each other or simply show that they care, which is quite hard to find in Delhi.

People of NCR, it seems, are running a race and it is difficult to catch up with them. Busy chasing their dreams, Delhiites have very little time for what we call "takalluf". Plus, if you've been accustomed to a certain degree of warmth, know that you won’t find it here.

7. When can I finally go back home?

7 things every Lucknowite thinks of after moving to Delhi NCR 

This is a thought that will cross your mind every single day you're away from home; more so in the initial stages of you moving away, very seldom later on. Yet, who can ever forget 'home'?

As soon as you lay your eyes on the skyline of the city of old monuments, buildings and just apna Lucknow, you know this is where you belong. Lucknow; its food, its warmth and its people will forever remain in your heart no matter where you live.

Lucknow will always be home.

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