7 things that the last decade has blessed Lucknow with!

7 things that the last decade has blessed Lucknow with!

We've officially entered a new decade and honestly, these 10 years have given us a lot of things and our city has gone through major facial upliftments too. This decade has come with its fair share of challenges, adventures, ups and downs but what makes it all really noteworthy, is the evolution which Lucknow has gone through.

Lakhnau in 2010 and Lucknow now, are like two separate entities but with one soul, which harbours the nawabi tehzeeb but is also at par with contemporary times. It's like our city has finally entered into its last phase of adolescent years, making its journey to adulthood and how!

We've listed down 7 things which Lucknow has been blessed with, during this decade so read on to find out what all has made its way to our list!

Lucknow Metro

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Lucknow Metro

Since its initial launch in 2017, Lucknow Metro has become a dependable mode of public transport for the residents of the city. The metro has been steadily making its place among the traditional mode of transportation in the city and it seems that the increasing pollution is making the ridership boom.

1090 Women Power Helpline

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One of the major things which we're truly grateful for, is the 1090 Women Power Helpline! This system has made us, women, feel safer in the city and it keeps a check on the crime rates too. Just one call connects us to the authorities, no matter what time it is, assures our dafety and it is the true need of the hour, in other cities too.

Healthcare Industry

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The healthcare industry has also grown in leaps and bounds and we're truly applauding this move too! Healthcare is one of the basic needs of any city.

New Malls & Commercial Complexes

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One Awadh Centre, Cyber Heights, Umrao Mall, Singapore Mall, Phoenix Mall and many more. Lucknow is developing at a fast pace and these commercial space are helping national and international brands in setting up their businesses in Lucknow.

Emerging start-up Hub

With all the other developments in line, Lucknow has also become one of the growing start-up hubs of India. The city has been churning out successful start-ups pertaining to different fields and it is gradually becoming an attractive city for freshers looking for job opportunities!


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One of the biggest highlights for the youth and party-freaks here, the nightlife in Lucknow has changed for the better and how! This city has been witnessing a mushrooming growth of clubs and bars and we're all for it. All the biggies of other cities, like LOTD, The Flying Saucer Cafe, My Bar (opening soon) have taken a seat here.

Gomti Riverfront

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Gomti Riverfront, also popularly known as the 'Marine Drive' is our ultimate chill spot during evenings. It's where we go to sit for hours by the river, in the neatly done-up spaces and we're so thankful for this locale. With all the fancy lights, this place is simply unmissable- the pride of Gomti Nagar!

Knock Knock

These 10 years have been quite a ride and clearly, we haven't had enough of our journey yet! The quest is still on, towards brighter and better times and we're surely anticipating a smarter city by the end of this one.

With the new decade at its prime, we're hopeful regarding more such developments soon because the future is now!

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