7 things you didn’t know about Lucknow Metro’s North-South corridor

7 things you didn’t know about Lucknow Metro’s North-South corridor

Lucknow Metro’s North-South route was inaugurated yesterday by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, via a video conference from Kanpur. The new metro route will add commute options for residents of many prominent areas in Lucknow. Here are 7 interesting quirks and features of the Lucknow Metro’s complete North-South route that we bet you didn’t know.

Fast Paced Development

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Construction work at Hazratganj

Lucknow metro was developed and constructed at a very fast pace and the first route was open to public way back in September 2017. Now, the complete route has already been inaugurated, at least a month before the scheduled date, making it one of the fastest completed metro projects in India. In fact, when the Lucknow metro became operational, it attracted 10 lakh people in just 70 days. Now that’s the kind of reception we expect for the complete route as well.

No cameras without a carry bag

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This one is kind of a bizarre rule. As per the rule book, commuters can not carry cameras- compact or DSLRs, in the metro without a carry case. This rule has been in place since the inception of the Lucknow metro and this is a heads up for all you new commuters. The reason for such a rule is that the authorities wish to respect everyone’s privacy. As for mobile phones, they have said that selfies and videographing is allowed however you cannot take pictures of the metro or of the premises. The benefits of this should come to light soon.

20 women train drivers

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Lucknow metro has achieved a major feat. Of the total 40 train drivers that the LMRC has employed, 50 percent of them are females, making for a more progressive change. Not only does this mark an era of women empowerment, but also puts Lucknow metro on the map of the few railway systems that employ women as train drivers.

No dedicated women's coaches

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In the previous point, we spoke of how Lucknow metro has roped in 20 female train drivers. But this one might come as a surprise. Lucknow metro trains do not have a dedicated coach for women travellers, which is something that we have seen in Delhi metro and a few other metros in the country. To help women passengers in anything they may require, LMRC has partnered with WPL 1090 to ensure women’s safety in the metros.

Passenger security

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The security of travellers is a big concern for metro rail operators. Each coach of the Lucknow metro has CCTV cameras, which are linked to a centralised camera monitoring room in the city. This will help in combating crimes like eve-teasing, theft, murder etc. Incidentally, it also keeps a check on any wrong-doers and ensures that they are immediately prosecuted. The stations too are flush with security measures, making the metro 100% safe for all.

Carrying capacity

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Each of the metro trains consists of four coaches. You may think that there should be more coaches, but get this. Each of the compartments can accommodate up to 300 passengers, meaning a single train can hold almost 1,200 passengers. This leads us to believe that even during rush hour, almost everyone could find a place to sit. This is certainly something that Delhi metro travellers should be jealous of. There are even poles at places so people can hold on to those in case it gets too crowded.

Free wi-fi at metro stations and USB charging points

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Travelling over a long distance and need to be connected to the internet? Or maybe your data pack expired? Well, you have nothing to worry about because all Lucknow metro stations provide you high speed wi-fi at no additional cost. The speeds offered will be between 50-100mbps, which is enough for average internet browsing and sending texts on WhatsApp. Though you may not spend a lot of time at the station itself, it will certainly add to the travelling experience. Additionally, the coaches also have dedicated USB ports for charging mobile phones.

Tickets for children to be determined by height

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According to the rules set by LMRC, only children below 90cm (2.9 feet), can travel for free in Lucknow metro while those exceeding the height limit will need a ticket. Since the tickets are already very cheap, this comes as even more of an advantage for commuters with small children. With the Lucknow metro, travel times over long distances will be cut down and you won’t even have to pay much. To cover the entire length of the Lucknow metro, it will take you under ₹100. This was done so that people from all walks of life could make use of the metro, without having to worry about costs.

The North-South route of the Lucknow metro became open for public today and it will increase the appeal of the city. Not only will it make commuting easier for Lucknowites, but for tourists as well. Lucknow metro provides a cheap, hassle free and safe travel experience and is certainly a boon for residents of the city.

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