8 Things you will relate to if you’re an Amitian from Lucknow!

8 Things you will relate to if you’re an Amitian from Lucknow!

Kya Aapka Bhi Attendance 75% se kam hai?

<i>Aree yaar, campus dekho!</i>
Aree yaar, campus dekho!

Contrary to popular beliefs, Amity isn’t just a party hub - we do have to follow a strict curriculum here when it comes to classes and it is more than fancy clothes or expensive cars! It soars way beyond that!

Even after graduating we cannot get enough of our sprawling verdant campus, the ice-cream shakes, the fests, our central-library, Chauhan Bhaiyya’s smile and so on! So here are 8 points every Amitian from Lucknow will relate to because, tedha hai par mera hai!

Attendance calculations after every class

Attendance isn’t a joke in Amity. It is one of the raging issues which has plagued Amitians from all the departments and trust us, maintaining 75% attendance ain’t child’s play.

It takes a lot of calculations, buttering, begging and tears to actually hit the mark every semester because we have always been threatened that “attendance has been locked from Noida campus” and although we never understood that part much, we knew it was irretrievable! Even for the brats, no amount of Humare Chacha/Pita’ji Vidhayak Hai worked and we are brothers and sisters in this suffering.

The hawan of all hawans!

Hawan is one of the integral elements of Amity where every student, irrespective of their religious background and beliefs needs to take part! Taking part usually means sitting and suffering for over an hour with hundreds of others and chanting hymns along with the punditji!

Bunking classes in the name of Sangathan practices!

Sangathan is the sports fest hosted at Amity campuses all over India and it is a phase which almost resembles mini-Olympics in Amity! This is always an excuse for everyone to bunk classes- even people who run after attendance as an exercise actually take part in this, just to score free attendance! Well, who wouldn’t grab that opportunity?!

and Amiphoria is always an excuse of course!

Amiphoria is the annual 3-day Amity fest which is awaited by everyone especially because of free attendance in the name of event organizations and practices!

Amiphoria serves as our local Tinder!

Amiphoria is one of the opportunities where people can wear whatever they want to (anyway they do but still) and look their absolute best! It becomes like Tinder meetups and the campus becomes the playground for hundreds of youth. This is where love has bloomed several times for Amitians!

Being chased by baboons and monkeys on campus!

Amity’s Lucknow campus is wild-life friendly - we even have an extensive mango orchard which houses several troops of monkeys! We have been often chased by wild monkeys and baboons and just to make them stop, Amity authorities had even introduced an orangutan once! Scary times.

Regularly cursing the Malhaur crossing - the menace!

Every Amitian has faced the wrath of the Malhaur crossing- it can be closed for long durations randomly during the day and this has caused several tears, high Uber fares, low attendances, excuses. And that right there is where Abusing 101 commences!
Shayad mandir wahin ban bhi jaye lekin Malhaur flyover nahi banega!


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You may love it or hate it here but Amity sits very close to our hearts because no matter what, it has given us life-lessons, memories to hold onto and of course, who would forget times when our wallets used to be empty!

Also, we are very tired of being compared to the Noida campus so it’d be great if people could get over it already!