9 Best Shopping Markets in Lucknow!

9 Best Shopping Markets in Lucknow!

Shopping, even window-shopping, can be a great stress-buster! And who doesn’t love a little indulgence? Narrow lanes, hidden shops are the real treasures! Here we list 9 best markets in Lucknow for your next shopping spree.


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This is one of the oldest markets of Lucknow. It has been in existence since the time of nawabs. This place offers a myriad of products from garment to jewellery. Head to Aminabad on Thursdays to steal a deal from the street vendors. Then cool off with Ashwini ki lassi.


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The heart of the city, this the place to hangout in Lucknow. Its colonial facade is mesmerising. Hazratganj has both cheap stores and high-end brands. Love Lane, a narrow street is famous for the bargains you can secure and to top it all you can savour some lip- smacking chaat at Shukla Chaat Bhandaar.


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Chowk is the traditional market of Lucknow. This place is famous for its chikankari work. Both merchants and workers who have been doing business for generations. Being in Lucknow, how can the food be forgotten? This market is also popular for both sumptuous veg and non-veg cuisines on offer.

Janpath market

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This marketplace offers everything from clothes to leather shoes and everything in between. You can bargain to your heart’s content with small-time vendors and street-side outlets.

Naka Hindola

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Naka Hindola is one of the cheapest markets for electronics in Lucknow. While you can have your pick of mobile phones and pen drives at competitive prices, beware of duplicate stuff passed off as original.


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This buzzing market of Lucknow offers books, garments, cosmetics and jewelleries. Some of the most famous Lucknow shops including Gita Vastralaya, Pragati Bazaar and Universal Book Centre can be found here.

Halwasia market

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The narrow lanes of halwasia market have infinite small stores where you can find the latest outfits at very compelling prices. Definitely, the go-to place for stylish bags, junk jewellery and trendy footwear.

Bhootnath Market

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Your one-stop destination for knick-knacks and everything else! And after you have put in a lot of hard work bargaining, end the day with some sumptuous momos!

Patrakarpuram, Gomti Nagar

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It is the busiest market in Gomti Nagar area. Bargaining is not entertained much here as the shopkeeper won’t reduce more than 10-20 percent.

So what are you waiting. Get your bags and go steal a deal!

Article by Vidisha Singh

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