9 Outstanding Developments in Lucknow which will surely make you Proud!

9 Outstanding Developments in Lucknow which will surely make you Proud!

From Kababs to people, Lucknow is a city which will never disappoint you in food and the respect you get from the people here. The moment you hear a person addressing himself with a “hum”, or calling you by ‘Aap’, you realise the city he comes from.

The only complain we Lucknowite ever had was the places to hangout (except eating), colleges for higher education and finally landing up with a job here in this city itself. Finally, after a long wait, we are seeing rapid development in the city! Here are 9 developments which will make all Lucknowites proud!

1. Lucknow Metro

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No more traffic jam, no more changing autos and buses. All the people living in and around Indira Nagar will soon be able to visit Alambagh and vice versa. The north-south corridor is near completion and the construction on E-W corridor will start soon.

2. Gomti Riverfront

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Though the original plan of Gomti Riverfront is revised now. According to people related to development of Gomti Riverfront, a new low cost planned might be passed for the completion of work, once the investigation under riverfront scam is completed.

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3. Agra – Lucknow Expressway

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The 308-km long Agra – Lucknow Expressway is the longest and the fastest greenfield expressway in India. It connects the state capital to the city of Taj and brings Delhi closer. If you are currently living in Delhi, don’t bother to book your holi ticket through rail, road trip will be a better option.

4. Shaan-E-Awadh

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Lucknow’s own CP is soon to open near Shaheed Path, the 56 acre ultra-chic shopping-cum-multi functional hub, will have some biggest brands of the world. So all the shopaholic’s its time so save money!!!

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5. IT City and Growing Startup Ecosystem

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No more going out to different cities, HCL is developing the IT city in Lucknow and it will be inaugurated in 2017. They have already started a training program to hire young enthusiastic people of Lucknow. Also, the Startup growth in Lucknow is going strong. The Uttar Pradesh Government’s startup policy is encouraging young minds to start working here itself. Trendsetterz, Purplehide, Ziffy are some of the famous startups from Lucknow.

Trendsetterz (TACT WALL)

6. International Cricket Stadium

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Soon we will witness International Cricket matches in Lucknow! A 50,000 capacity cricket stadium is being almost ready. We might get to watch IPL 2018 matches.

7. Medanta Hospital

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Once the construction is completed, the 12-acre hospital will have a staff of 800 doctors, 3,000 nurses and 2,000 para-medical personnel. The hospital will also have 30 operation theaters, 1,000 beds and 300 critical care beds.
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8. Delhi’s famous hangouts coming to Lucknow

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Delhi’s famous restro-bars are now coming to Lucknow. The Beer Cafe & The Flying Saucer will soon start their services in the city.

9. Development and Renovation near Clock Tower

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All the development attention is drawn towards Gomti Nagar area but old Lucknow is also seeing some outstanding renovation and development projects, be it the renovation of Imambara, Rumi Darwaza or the development near Clock Tower!

These were some of the awesome development initiatives which will surely make the city compete with the best in India. Do share this article if you are proud of these recent developments in Lucknow!

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