9 places in Lucknow you need to visit for a perfect date!

9 places in Lucknow you need to visit for a perfect date!

February or ‘THE MONTH OF LOVE’ is here! and with itself it brings the wonderful anticipation of treating your loved one to the perfect date. Nice romantic music that flows naturally, beautiful interiors and food that is sooo good it will make them fall in love with with you all over again (or for the first time)! A romance galore to be precise.

And believe me when I say that any run of the mill restaurant/cafe just won’t crack the bill for you. If you want that lasting impression, you have to pick the perfect spot for the perfect date and set the tone.

So, here’s a list of 9 sure shot places that will not disappoint you. BTW you’re welcome!

Urban Qettle

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Located in Cyber Heights- Gomti Nagar, Urban Qettle is a funky restaurant that will jazz up your date. With deliciously delectable food, a humongous bar and interiors that will put a spell on you, Urban Qettle is the place to be, for people who want to keep things romantic yet fun. The place serves some of the most delicious pasta and their tacos are the talk of town. Take someone who doesn’t care about being a little messy and have a gala time eating your way into their heart.

Bombay Brasserie

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Bombay Brasserie is a recent addition to the few truly wonderful places you can be at in Lucknow. The restaurant is a humongous eatery chain that is known for its clever twist on Indian cuisine featuring fusion dishes from across the country. The restaurant has a pretty and lively decor.

If you’re looking for some great food and a beautiful place, Bombay Brasserie will fit your bill. We recommend you to try Tamil Street Chicken and Shillong Shapale here.


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Mocha is the place to be, if you’re looking for something comfortable yet fun. This cafe cum restaurant is a wonderful place to grab a bite, share some laughs and have the most chill time of your life. The restaurant serves some of the most delicious food you’ll find in the city. The ambiance is also quite pretty, you can opt for open air seating to make thing a little more romantic. And if your date goes a little dull, you can always depend on the old alcohol to make it more interesting, just order some shots and watch the inhibitions melt away!


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Located inside Lebua, the most beautiful boutique hotel you’ll ever see, Azrak is a restaurant that will overwhelm you. The place is so picturesque, so stunning and so beautifully made that being here is wondrous. The blue and white will woo you and will truly make you feel like you’re witnessing majesty and somehow the entire experience is ethereal. The food here is unreal too, it is like a cherry on top.

Lebua truly is the most beautiful place for a romantic date with your special someone.

Sky Bar-Renaissance

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Sky Bar is the perfect date spot for those who are looking for a chill atmosphere, maybe a few drinks and good food. Sky Bar is known for the romantic rooftop locale and the view from the restaurant will make you feel like you’re literally sitting in the clouds. The music is upbeat and the vibe is chill, which makes this a wonderful location for the dreaded first date.

Oudhyana Vivanta by Taj

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Set in the grandeur of Taj, Oudhyana is the personification of elegance. The minty blue of the walls, the glorious gold and the cloud like white, brought together with stunning crystal chandeliers, will make you feel and experience royalty like no other place. Albeit a little on the expensive side the decor and service alone are worth visiting this majestic restaurant and douse into luxury.

It is also the perfect location for popping the question, a ring tactfully placed in the champagne glass will do the trick. Now who would say no after being treated like a queen or a king!

Vintage Machine

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For anyone who loves to eat and is looking for a nice place, Vintage will always-always make things simpler for you. Known for its food, quirky interiors and live music, the restaurant has created a niche when it comes to serving great Italian food. Italian is the way to go for dates, it is always good and yummy and it has the no fuss no muss quality.

Jannat by Dayal Paradise

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Jannat comes on every romantic restaurant list and there’s a reason for it. Jannat has created a name for itself, the wonderful rooftop setting, the service and the amazing food is all but testimony of why the restaurant is so popular. Sitting with the special person under an open sky, stars above your head and smooth music crooning in your ears is a tried and trusted recipe for a perfect date.

Rocca Hyatt Regency

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Who can argue that Hyatt has great dining, I mean the place screams fine dining and sophistication. And if you or your date are people who enjoy finer things in life, you will find very few places that have finer food or finer wine. The place does fine dine Italian and there is no restaurant that can match the level of sophistication Rocca brings to its food. Do try their Primavera and Quattro Formaggi pizzas and for dolche (sweet), the molten chocolate and basil panna cotta.

So, the list is here, it’s February, which translates to- mauka hai dastoor bhi, what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself some lovin’!

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