Uttar Pradesh sero survey: 9/10 first-dose vaccine recipients have COVID immunity

Uttar Pradesh sero survey: 9/10 first-dose vaccine recipients have COVID immunity

Over 26.46 crore doses of the COVID vaccine have been administered in UP so far

A recently conducted sero-survey in Uttar Pradesh revealed that about 90% of the population who have taken at least the first jab of COVID-19 vaccine have developed resistance against the infection. Reportedly, the state has achieved 100% coverage of the first anti-coronavirus dose, marking an enhanced recovery trend here. Over 26.46 crore doses of the COVID vaccine have been administered in UP so far.

Over 1 crore teenagers are COVID vaccinated in UP

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Additional Chief Secretary, Health and Family Welfare, Amit Mohan Prasad said that sampling for this sero-survey was held only a fortnight ago. The review was conducted to check the virus prevalence and anti-body resistance among the people, after inoculation:

Uttar Pradesh, notably, has provided the highest number of COVID doses across the country. As per CoWin records, the state has over 26.46 crore administered doses of the COVID vaccine, including 15.82 and 10.48 crore first and second doses shots, respectively.

UP has also managed to give the first jab to more than 1 crore teenagers here. The inoculation tally is also inclusive of 15.35 crore precaution dose recipients. This means, over 71% of the total estimated eligible population in the state has received the first dose.

State focuses to ramp up COVID vaccination

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The ACS has now urged people due for their second and precautionary dose to get their shots as soon as possible. The official has also requested all to adhere to COVID-19 appropriate behaviour, comply with COVID norms in individual and social interest. Meanwhile, the health officials have also ramped up the drive to hasten second dose vaccination among adolescents and young persons, in line with Union orders.

As per reports, the Union Health Ministry has directed the Chief Secretary of the state to devise an effective communication strategy to encourage vaccination among children and adolescents and bring them to vaccination booths.

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